Longest shot so far outta the 243AI

Sam In Va

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Dec 14, 2002
Central Va.
HI guys, I had a chance to get out Sat. P.M. with a VHA Member buddy of mine, he took me to a place of his called the SWAMP. We killed 2 short range groundhogs with my AI, and then a crow size varmint lit on yonder fence post.... We ranged it and came up short(no reading) so I did a series of short ranging and got close... I figured it was 900 yards... we had a quartering wind coming from behind right to left. So I click up the leupy/ premier 18-40X50 side focus the appropriate clicks and hold off 2.5 feet to the right... center the elevation line on the critter and touch the trigger.... about the time I was going to say where did the bullet strike.... I see the feathered varmint explode backwards off the fencepost.. 1 shot 1 kill.... A little bit of shooting skill and a whole lotta luck!!!
It was a great day!!!! As prior to this my longest kill with the 243AI was 420 yards.
We walked out and ranged back did it 2 times and came up with 880-885 yards. I was awestruck!!!!
Remington 788 Trued by Shilen Single shot
28" 10 twist Shilen tube chambered in 243AI
18-40X50 Side focus Premier Boost
Lapua Brass, Win. LRifle Mag. Primers
Accurate 2700 powder
Sierra 70grain Blitzkings

I always enjoy reading and learning here even though I don't post that much. It was a most memorable day for me! Thanks, Sam in Va.
Thanks guys, for the congrats.... I was, and still am amazed.... I had the 243AI built in the spring, and have been practing with it all season. Had popped a few chucks at 410,425. Shot at some dry targets on the ground at 500 and 575, and was really amazed at what role the wind plays. I love it and I'm hooked! My buddy that was with me almost fell outta his chair when the varmint exploded off the fencepost! Me too!!Thanks again guys! Sam in Va. (still grinning)

Most impressive!!

You obviously have a fine rifle and you obviously can load fine ammo and can shoot very well also.

Congrats on the great accomplishment!

What is your next yardage goal. Some guys just want to better the last shot, others set up range goals, whats your plan.

Your darn near to the 1000 yard club!!

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Kirby, I gotta tell ya, I would be satisfied to kill a groundhog at 500-600 with it. I'm really interested in the bullet's expansion at the extended ranges on groundhogs... as that's my main target. Birds are harder to hit, but easier to kill when hit. So it's hard to answer. I wish it had been a groundhog, so I could see if it had killed him, or if he was just gonna turn into a dragger. I have all ideas that the bullet I'm shooting(sierra 70grn. Blitzking) is gonna run outta steam at 5-600 yards on g-hogs. I'm getting 3850FPS vel. out of a 28" 10 twist tube. My buddy is shooting the same bullet out of his 6br at 3300fps and has had draggers at 450 yards. Most places I have to hunt are out to 500, and I've got a few that are on out there 1000+ But I'm just learning and time will tell... what do you think about that bullet and about where it may fail to perform? Thanks, Sam in Va.
Hey Fiftydriver, my ballistic chart is broken down into 25 yd increments. Here's what the vel. etc is at 875 yards.

Time of Flt:1.173 sec.
Optimum Game weight:21#
I personally do NOT buy that the 70 grn. Blitzking would terminate a groundhog of the optimum game weight listed on my chart..grin..but the clicks are accurate!BIG GRIN! hopefully we'll see sometime. Sam
Sam in VA,
I love those 70gr Blitzkings and they work
well on critters at what ever range you hit
them at,if you want to try 1000 with your 10
twist try 87gr Vmax or I have even had good
luck with lapua 90grScenar's they have a fair
ammount higher B.C. than 70's for longrange
p.s.good shot

I have been using a 30" Lilja 1-8" barreled 6mm-284 for several seasons now for my extreme range chuck rifle and have learned alot of things about the 6mm bullets at extreme range.

I started load developement with the 105 gr A-Max bullet but quickly found that at 3250 fps the accuracy fell off. I suspect the 3 groove rifling has something to do with this as I have spoken with many that are using this bullet at much higher velocites with great results.

From there I tried the Berger 105's and found the same thing.

I then tried the Sierra 107 gr Mk and accuracy held very tight up to 3600 fps which was a very hot load so I toned her down to 3525 fps. Accuracy at 500 yards is 1/5 moa is I do my part and at 1000 yards, if I read the wind correctly and get an accurate range measurement, teh bullet seldom lands outside a 10" circle.

Still on game at 800 yards and out, the match bullet does not perform very well. I have made several center of body hits on chucks only to loose them to their dens. With a head or chest impact, they are dead instantly but the big match bullet just does not expand at all on chuck size game.

THey actually perform much better on yotes and pronghorn at extreme range then chucks.

Your bullet will open up better but you will have the issuse of velocity drop off and wind drift to deal with, especially at ranges past the 1/2 mile marker.

I would agree with the earlier poster that the 87 gr V-Max may be a better long range bullet for your needs as it has a very good B.C. for a conventional varmint bullet at .4.

Other options would be the new 90 gr Ballistic Tip and the older 95 gr version of the ballistic or Ballsitic Silvertip. These are spendier then the V-Max but I have always been impressed with these bullets.

I developed a load in my 6mm-284 with the 95 gr Ballistic Silvertip loaded to 3700 fps but wind drift still did not compare to the 107 gr Mk so I stuck with the match bullet.

You will fine it is difficult to score a kill at extreme range with a 6mm round without a solid chest or head impact. They just do not have the energy and bullet frontal area to instantly dispatch a chuck at extreme range.

I have actually found the 25-06 loaded with the 100 gr Ballistic Tip to be a much bette chuck bullet/round combo at 800 yards then any 6mm bullet.

Simply because the bullets are larger in diameter and will expand reliably.

They can not compare in bullet drop or wind drift but in terminal performance they are better with a center of body impact.

I just built my personal 2000 yard rifle chambered in the 338 Kahn(338-378 Wby with a 35 degree conventional shoulder).

I chose this for several reasons, extreme ranging ability with 300 gr VLD and ULD bullets as well as custom 350 gr ULD designs.

Plenty of bullet weight and energy to spot impacts at 2000 yards and plenty of frontal area to instantly dispatch chucks out to that range with any solid hit.

In all honesty, as far as on game performance, the 6mm's, any 6mm, is light at 1000 yards. The best bullets to get to that range efficently are poor on game performers and the best 6mm game bullets are not efficent enough for 1000 yard varminting.

ITs a tricky matter.

To solve the problem, all you have to do is make head shots at what ever range you take a shot at

That is never a problem for us!!

Good Shooting, try a bit heavier bullet and see what happens!

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)

With the ballistc numbers you list, I would say your bullet would have very little chance of any expansion at that range on chucks and without a solid head hit, you would more then likely loose the chuck to its den.

Run the numbers on the 87 gr V-Max and the heavier Ballistic Tip and see how they compare.

GOod Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Thanks for the suggestions on the 87 grain V-max... I will run some numbers and see what they look like.... Tha darn thing is shooting so well with what I have now... I'm almost chicken to change anything. But for the extreme longer ranges I can see a benefit of a heavier bullet with a better BC. Thanks again guys, Sam in Va
Sam in Va,
The reason I mentioned the 87gr Vmax (b.c.
400) and the Lapua Scenar (b.c.420)is because
with a 10" twist you cannot stabilize a
heavier bullet like a 105 Amax (need's 1-9")
the sierra 107grMK & Berger105grVLD (need 1-
8") I was just trying to give usefull info
on the barrel that YOU have .
p.s.with the heavier bullet's try a bit
slower powder like H4831 or RL22
Sam, congrats on such a great hit. Sum fun huh.

Give the 87gr Vmax a try. They worked wonderfully for me when I was shooting a 6BR. Clays at 750yds were in great danger.

Can't shoot PD here so can't give feedback from that perspective. However, the clays were broken cleanly with a nice puff of dust behind. I would say that there would be enough ooomph for a body hit.

If that still isn't enough for you, a quick change to the 105gr AMax will certainly put a whack on target at 700 to 800yds. Might help with wind drift too.

Thanks for the helpful info Brain. I'm gonna run the numbers this AM. I'll do it for the 87'sV-maxes. I would try some of the match bullets, but experience from shooting them in a 8 twist 22-250 has left me dissapointed, as far as being able to dispatch varmints. They're super accurate, but I have found that the bullets with a plastic tip and/or a different ogive gives a better hope of expansion. YOur bullets and powder selection for the heavier pills are well noted. Thanks, Sam
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