Long shot with Aimpoint Hunter red dot sight

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    May 16, 2012
    Last Wednesday morning I was in the woods with my 10 month old pup Frankie and my Sako 75 .243 loaded with Hornady Superformance 95 grain SST's. After an hour or so I spotted a nice mature Fallow doe approx. 250 yards away. There was a small patch of low brush in front of me so a prone shot was not possible. I got into a kneeling position with my offhand elbow resting on my knee. I steadied myself, then the excitement started to get to me, the hand started to shake, so I took a breath and steadied myself again. This was going to be the longest shot I had ever made with the Aimpoint red dot which has no magnification. I carefully squeezed the trigger, the rifle fired and I saw the deer drop to the ground. A second deer that had been grazing (out of sight from me) with the shot deer darted across the scope and was gone. I waited for a short time, still watching the deer, rifle reloaded and at the ready but there was no sign of any movement from the animal on the ground. I stood up and knowing it was my longest shot with the red dot, I started to pace the distance to the deer. The ground was level and the pace count came to 250 which probably equates to 225 yards. Frankie was delighted with his first deer and got very excited and aroused. I donned my harness and started to drag the deer back to the jeep, about 3/4 of a mile away. As I was dragging the fully grown Fallow doe of approx. 50 kilo (110 lbs.) the weight suddenly increased and it would not budge. When I looked around to see what the problem was, there was Frankie up on the deer trying to have his wicked way with it. Obviously he was attracted by something warm, furry and attractive moving tantalisingly in front of him and the hormones got the better of him. He kept trying it all the way back to the jeep. Every time he tried it, the drag came to a full stop which was very frustrating but at the same time I thought it was hilarious and had tears in my eyes and a stitch in my side from laughing so much.
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    Feb 3, 2011
    I've got several types of dot sights on my AR's and I've shot a few coyotes at that range and a bit further and I can attest to the fact you have indeed had a pretty big accomplishment.

    Those dots get awfully big beyond 100yds even if you have 2-3 MOA dots like I do.