Long Range Tactical XLR Build


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May 10, 2009
Just starting a long range tactical build. I chose a Stevens 200 7mm rem mag as a donor rifle.
Pretty boring thread so far, but I thought it would be cool to have a record of my progress in one place with pics and stuff.
My current plans are to swap/add:
XLR chasis
26" CBI varmint contour barrel
SSS competition trigger
Ptg bolt head
Ptg bolt
True Action and bolt fitting
Egw 20 moa base
Possible muzzle brake

I should have barrel, trigger and headspace gauges within 1-2 weeks.
I was thinking I my as well send my action in to get trued and ptg bolt
Fitted while I have barrel off. So I guess my next purchase will be ptg bolt and head.
The XLR chasis will really make the rifle, that will probably be the last thing I add except at some point maybe add a nightforce. I have a weaver 3.8 -12 x 44ao im not using that will do for now.
I will continue updating this thread as I go.
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