Long range pistol build


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Aug 7, 2012
Central Mississippi
I am wanting to build a long range pistol and need help on where to start. My original plan was to buy a remington 700. 243 and throw and stock on it and chop the barrel off. Well apparently that is illegal. I want just an all around target and hunting for this first one. Kinda something to learn with. I want to go the inexpensive route on this also, then later build a beautiful pistol with all the bells and whistles. Any advice and opinions are welcome
I went with a savage target action from Jim Briggs at northland shooter supply. My buddy has one built by Jim See at centershotrifles.com on the target action. You would probably be better calling up the gunsmith you plan on having build it. I can recomend Jim See(he built both of ours and my dads)and he is a sponsor here.
You must buy the action and have it sent to you as a "pistol " and not as a rifle!

I bought the Tooley Orion action and had Dave send it to my FFL as a pistol and when we filled out the paperwork it was loved as a pistol.
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