Long Range Hunting Rifle On A Budget


Mar 6, 2008
So, you are interested in building a long range hunting rifle but are intimidated by the cost of some of the custom rigs that are built by members of this board. I would like to share with you my experiences over the last 10 years in building economical hunting rifles that shoot very well out to a mile. Read More...
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Hello, I am new to the long range game and am building my first semi custom rifle. I got a steal on a Savage 111 .270wsm so this will be my starting platform. My question is , what would you put together for a tool kit to complete a build as you have described in your article? For example are there any specific tools for inletting the factory stock. I already have barrel nut wrench but that's about it. I would like to do all the assembly myself but I'm having trouble finding head space gauges. All advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Grif
wow, this is cool. I've kindof felt like a pariah because I have no intention of ponying up 10 grand just so I can wack wolves at 600 yards or more.

I have added a bit of a challenge as I use Ruger M 77 mkII actions. But on the plus side my 6.5 Cm seems to be accurate enough so far it will put 110 , 120 and 140 gr bullets in nice little touching clusters at 100 yards from improvised rests. I'm planning on a Richards Micro Fit thumbhole laminated target stock. Tho I have been thinking about just making a verticle grip for the factory stock.
I appreciate the heads up about the Bushnell scopes.
I am very interested in the Stevens action as I am in the process of getting a nephew into coyote calling and I would like him to start with a rifle that will fit him and carry him to the place where he is ready for an Alaskan Wolf rifle.
great job on the article. I sure am happy with my savage 7mm rem mag. it has a glass bedded action in a stockys laminant stock, 20 moa rail, and vortex viper pst optics. it shoots under 3/4" with handloads. but the one thing you talked about that I was on the fence about is a muzzle brake, but after this article I think thats next on my list.
I second manson reamers. I have been to his shop and if he doesn't have it he has the profile to make it. Excellent service and quallity

I really got started into a long range rifle by luck. I won a Weatherby Vanguard in 300Wby at a Firemans gun raffle. It was a S1 with the black tupper ware stock which was ok since the cost of the ticket was 10 bucks. after receiving the rifle and installing a Bushnell Trophy scope I had laying around I bought some new brass and reloaded some ammo to shoot my new prize. The trigger sucked so I bought a Timiney which Midway had on sale and installed it. Back to the range and the groups improved. They went from under 2 inches to just under 1 inch at a hundred yards. During the site in a small problem arrosed with the Bipod I had installed on the front sling swivel stud. The recoil had pulled the stud out of the tupper ware stock. Now mind you these weren't full house loads and were below max. the bipod was folded up and was there for added weight as I was shooting off bags. So back to the lap top to look for a new stock as the tupper ware wasn't going to work for me. Let me state at this time that I had won several hundreds of dollars at Bull roast and off tip jars to feed this project but I was being as frugel as I could with my funds. Found a new B&C medalist stock in Mossy oak camo pattern for $240 and installed the Weatherby action in it. So far all I did was drop in since the factory fit was very snug and I wanted to shoot it to see what results I got. The groups went to .78 inches out side to out side for three shots. But anoughter problem came up. The recoil from the 300 maybe while still in the tupper ware stock had caused the scope rectical adjustments to go crazy. So a scope replacment was in order. I found a Ziess Conquest 4.5-14x44 for under 600 at Camera Land .com. It now sits on top of the Vanguard. The accuracy stayed right around .75 inches for 3 shots at 100 yards.
Any further suggestions on improving the accuracy would be appreciated.
OH yes the total out of pocket cost has been $35 to me because of all the tip jar winnings.
Truck Driver " I like that handle " Does it have a muzzle brake on it.? That will help keep things inplace and make range sessions less arduous. And an adjustable cheek piece. Once u have it adjusted it really makes it much easier getting the correct sight picture. I put one on my 6.5 and it really helped.

Then play around with your load. Different rifles often like different bullets.
I haven't put a brake on it yet because of the extra noise they seem to create.
The stock came with a Pacmyer decelarator and the extra weight of the B&C stock has helped to tame some of the recoil. I have been trying to develope loads but right now every thing is on hold due to a broken ankle which occured 4 weeks ago and which I had surgery to repair. once the doctor clears me to drive I'll be able to persue that endevor.
I own my own Peterbilt road tractor so the name Truck Driver.
That's terrible about your ankle did u jump down off the trailer. When I was young and strong I used to jump off loaded log trucks , down into draws, you name it. Now I climb down, 3 points of contact and all.

Some brakes are real noisy. Others aren't. The one they have in the LRH store look pretty good. The one on my 458 is loud and breezy. The integral one on my 9.3x64 is not.
They have adjustable cheek rests in the LRH store also.
Accually I was being a considerate husband and went out to move my pickup truck so my wife could park closer to the house. It was raining and the ground was half frozen making for slik conditions I wasn't prepared for. I sliped and feel backwards on my ankle. 2 hrs. of surgery a ti plate and 7 screws later.
The B&C stock fits me fairly well. I'm still not fond of the brakes though I know they work. I had one on a 7-30 waters barrel for a TC contender but the blast screwed up my nerves as bad as the recoil in the hand cannon.
I just finished shooting and am heading back up to the ranch house stunned. I recently purchased a howa .308 with a 20 inch heavy barrel for 450 dollars and fully intended on just keeping it in the Polaris and use it to kill some of the hogs that plague us here in the hill country of central Texas. It shot just fine putting everything i shot through under an inch, i just thought it could do much better. One thing leads to another and another project was born. First came a B & C stock for 250 dollars and even though it has a fine aluminum chassis I spent 10 dollars on JB weld and glass bedded it. Oh, I had a can of half empty mink oil for oiling up my winter boots and it made a fine release agent. I bought an EGW 20 min. base, a rifle basic 12 to 20 oz. trigger and some TPS 34mm high medium rings from midway for 300 dollars who's service was as always impeccable. The trigger by the way is exquisite...mine coming from the factory set at 12 oz.. 1010 dollars in the whole she-bang! I mounted a S&B pm2-5x25x56 on it grabbed a handful of some lake city 175gn. M118 long range match ammo and started shooting. At 100 yds. with a 10 mph wind gusting to 15 it proceeded to put 5 rounds in a half inch. You could argue that it was under a half inch but I'd have to put my glasses on to see that good anymore and my vanity will just not allow it. It put 10 rounds in just under 2 inches at 300 yards and that with the wind all over the place. To achieve this kind of accuracy for a grand (without handloads) actually bums me out as I think of all the money I've spent at custom builders trying to keep them all in the 10 ring. I just fished hanging a gong at 800 yds. Can't wait to see how she does. Howa rocks!!!
:Dgun) ; ya. It's nice to start with a rifle that already shoots good and go up from there. I'de like to put a Manners stock or McMillan on my Ruger 6.5 Cm. But a Richards MicroFit Target stock is what it will go with it. Invest my $$$ well $$$$ into a scope. After Len sent the last special add email on the Huskemaw scopes I started really checking them out.
I tell everyone that will listen that optics are the key. Without a good scope with repeatable adjustments your no better off than North Koreas nuclear program. A fine weapons system with no delivery vehicle. Today's rifle built with modern computer controlled machining is capable of accuracy that just a few years ago couldn't be bought no matter how deep your pockets. The ruger you've selected is a fine weapon. I have one in a 22-250 that is capable of shooting far better than I and has been responsible for many of the hogs I've killed out here at the ranch. I've never shot a huskemaw scope and would highly suggest you get one you can touch before buying. Nothing is ever what people claim...just look at the pretty picture of the hamburger your about to order at Mickey D's it looks beautiful. Now order one, It looks as if its been made by a crackhead and most likely has been. Old Len just might have stock in huskemaw.

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