Long Range Coyote Hunting With Short Range Rifles


Mar 6, 2008
You're trudging out to your favorite coyote calling location in an area where cover is mostly sparse except for stream beds. The dry creek beds are frequently lined with trees and bushes providing plenty of cover for both you and your quarry. You're carrying a 30-30 fitted with a scope like the Leupold 4X Wide Duplex sighted in on the mark at 100 yards. You're using the rifle and scope because that's what you have and conditions at the hide won't let you see further than about 50 yards anyway.Read More...
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That was a good read. That is the boat I am in using a .06 & .308. But the big diffrence is Minnesota woods swamp. I have been out deer hunten with my bow seen coyote 40 yards away more than once (not leagal for coyote hunten) so I just watched & learned. As for bullet drop practice practice practice know your rifle. Witch brings me to what bullet to use I hand load. :rolleyes:
Very informative. I like to backpack hunt for predators so I carry a light weight rifle. Specifically a Marlin lever in .357. It isn't a 30-30, so I need to keep the range close. To determine my effective range, what energy level should be the minimum to harvest an average coyote?
Joe, I enjoyed your article very much. Your emphasis on the 3 rules of shooting really struck home. Those were rules my dad used to talk to me about 40 years ago.
Thanks again.
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