long range bases??


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Sep 25, 2002
What is the difference between the MK IV and Nightforce bases and Farrel bases? There seems to be a large gap in pricing,..and I am wondering what the machining differences are that would contribute to this. Are the Nightforce, MK IV, BO bases machined to tighter tolerances than the Farrels? or is there some other factor I have missed?

I have all the bases you listed and the only difference I can find is the BO base is a true mil-spec Picatinny rail, whereas the others are just Weaver style bases. That being said my favorites are the BO and the Farrell--don't waste your money on MKIV--they are the same base as the QRW, just 3 times more expensive. For the money, you can't beat the Ken Farrell product...
Thank You Chris,.....I just thought maybe I was "out of the loop" on something.

Do you feel that the BO is better than the Nightforce bases as well?
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