Long Range/ Tactical Bases and Rings


Nov 5, 2009
I am new to "Long range shooting" Currently have a Mark 5 300 wby and Mark 5 30-378, both with weaver bases and rings and swarovski pH scopes. These shoot real good (to me) They are both synthetic stocks. no pillars or bedding.

I am working on a new accumark 30-378 I need to put rings, bases, and a scope on it. would like to shot at 500-1000 yards w/o making an exclusive 1000 yard gun. I would like suggestions on good vs. bad on the bases, rings and a scope. I tend to like the rail mount w/ quick release bases??

All suggestions and advise is appreciated.
I would recommend Badger, Nightforce, and USO bases and rings. I’m told the REM 700 bases will work but I’m not 100% for use on this.

Mike @ CST
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