Leupold Mark 4 M1, 16x40


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Mar 17, 2002
I am thinking about getting a Leupold Mark 4 M1, 16x40 scope do you have experience with this scope for long range hunting I was thinking about getting one with a Duplex reticle is 16 power will it be a good scope for shoots out to 1500 to 2000 yards. Or would I be better off with a 6.5/20 LRT scope?
Crow Mag

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SWFA's samplelist.com site has some for cheap cheap. Check it out at Sample List.

Let me know what you think of the web site. My company built it. The site I mean.
I have a Mark 4 and it is a very good scope. Mine has the dot though.

It is limited to 16X and I favor the 8 1/2X to 25 X Leupold LR with the 30mm Tube and side wheel focus for what you are planning on doing. You will need a tapored base for the scope though. Probably a .030" tapor would do.

I also use the older Bausch and Lomb Balvar 6X to 24X with the external clicks and the Kuharsky rear base on my 338/416 Rigby IMP. It will give me all the clicks I need to get to 2500 Yards with ease and still have a lot left over. They look like the Unertl target scope with the spring.

For the internal adjustment scope, I favor the Leupold LR 8 1/2X to 25X. It is VERY sharp to my eyes.


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The reason is quite simple. Most products are one of a kind used, or clearout items. The site has e-commerce capability and is tied in with the SWFA site. All they have to do is click one check box to enable automatic e-commerce capability on a product if they have a bunch. I'm not usre if they are still up, but there was a bunch of bushnell promotional scopes on there that could be purchased online with a CC. If it is e-commerce enabled the product # shows up as a link.

The new improved SWFA site is coming soon too...
Crow Mag,
Not that you asked my opinion, but I hold that scope (Leupold Mk IV 16x-40mm) in very high esteem. I bought one years ago and then sold it to absorb the cost of another project. I regret that decision to this day! I've never looked through a scope with a 40mm objective having that kind of brillance. And I've never seen a scope that has as much internally available elevation and windage adjustment. It goes without saying that the things track as well or better than anything out there. And it's probably one of the top 2 or 3 most rugged scopes - bar none - in the world. One of my sister's ex-boyfriends who served with German special forces once told me they would attempt to trade for them with U.S. Army Special Forces. It's just one of the truly great riflescopes of the world as long as you have good vision in the first place. That's why I'm getting another one!!!


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That happens to be one of my workhorse scopes and I can give some opinions on it (for whatever that is worth...). It is a tough, precise scope, probably much more ruggedly built than most sportsmen would ever need. Accuracy of adjustments and repeatability are about as good as most guys could ever measure - as in perfect. The turrets actually get better with use, as in more snappy.
The only negative is that the eye-relief is quite critical and the field of view is not very wide. I have each model (reticle option) and they are all sharp and bright scopes.
Fact is my most used rifles seem to wear NXS and Nikon tactical scopes more now than the MK4's that I used to use so much. I have never used the 8.5-25 that Darryl has such good luck with, I would take his word tho, they are significantly cheaper than the NXS and probably cheaper than the MK4's.
There is only one scope that has the name MK4, they are Leupold's best.

O.K. I gave samplelist.com a tried today. It is not up-to-date. Although it listed scopes as available, when I called, SWFA said they sold them already.
They still have to mark them sold on an admin form via the web. Since it's just temp stock, it's not tied into their inventory. Someone on their staff designated for that purpose has to go in and pull up the record and "mark it as sold". It displays for a while and then drops off into an archive database.

The site is selling a TON of product for them compared to the old one, and they are saving a ton of time on administration.
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