leupold Mark 4 LR/T M1 turret covers

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Dec 15, 2009
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I am looking into buying a Mark 4 LR/T M1 and I have a couple questions. Do they make turret covers or are the turrets always exposed? Next question, if they do not have covers have any of you guys had problems with the turrets getting caught on backpacks, scabbards, brush, etc. and changing the zero? Thanks for your input
This is a question I'd like to know the answer to also. Haven't found any on the Leupold website.

I did find this on the site though:

Exclusive to the VX-7™, just give the SpeeDial™ adjustment dials a half turn, and each smoothly slides outward for adjustment. Knurled for an easy grip, they offer 20-MOA of adjustment per revolution, and even feature unique, field-interchangeable BDC dials. The adjustments are both easy to read and reset to zero, and offer ¼-MOA, finger-adjustable clicks for absolute precision. Once set, simply push the adjustment dials back in place and give a turn to close them. Additional turns will lock the dials in place for secure adjustments; the integral cap provides a highly secure stow position. The titanium nitride/stainless steel adjustments offer incredibly tight tolerances and near perfect engagement of the interior surfaces of the windage, elevation, and parallax adjustment dials. The result is incredible precision, as well as the outstanding strength and durability needed for a lifetime of repeatable accuracy

Maybe the turret movements are stiff enough that they won't accidentally move due to pulling it out of a scabbard, or case, or ran against the seat of a pickup. But I've seen two different people miss easy game shots due to an accidental rotation of the windage or elevation knob. One was using a new Nikon, the other an old Weaver. Neither person knows how it happened, just that it "was way off".
The Mark 4 M1 Turrets do not have covers. I have no field experience using them, but have not received any negative feed back on the turrets turning.
Just so you know while they come with the high target turrets you can get them changed out at the custuome shop and they could replacewith target units that you can put a cap over to seal it up tight. Please check there custom shop.
Good luck ben
Hello, and to answer you second questin we have had no problems with our m1 tarrets with wind, water or branches affecting them they are very good, but as state earlyer if you want to get covers you can change out you high turretts for some target style and they will have large caps over thr targer turretsso you will have know need to worried. Thank ben
Which MK4 are you looking at?

There is a 4.5-14x40 that has the 1/4 moa covered turrets.

I have never had a problem with any M1's moving without my doing so.

If you are wanting something with a different power range and covered turrets then I would suggest getting a VX3. It would be a waist of money to buy a MK4 and change turrets, when the VX3's are a bit cheaper and you could always "upgrade" turrets (and even reticle) and still come out ahead.
I found a great deal on my Mark 4 6.5x20 50mm and I love it. I have had no problems with rotating turrets. I was looking at one of the new VX3 scopes, because I didn't like the mil-dot of the Mark 4. But once I looked through the Mark 4 I liked the look of the mil-dot. I'm looking at getting a mil-dot master for back up range finding.
Ya know bravo4 is correct the VXlll or VX3 was and is basicaly the same as the Mark 4 ya know you can have it with 30mm tube, index-matched lenses basical they black it out and install the tactical turrets and whala its worth twice as much. really if you dont want the tactical turrets and the target style work for you then you really can save some cash.

Happy Holidays,
I have a VXlll 4.5-14-50 LRT Target Turrets with covers 30mm tube Side Focus Mil- Dot Reticle installed by Premier Reticles. I've been thinking about selling this scope. If you're interested PM me.
Iran a luepy w/ target turrets for yrs. Never moved but I didnt like the high profile, mainly because I carry bino front and safari sling front, hit each other. I had a large zip scabboard for horse, but if you have a tight leather they can hang up, Also liked my fleeze lined scabboard but the zip could freeze up, thuoght I MIGHT HAVE TO CUT my gun out of it one day. I have a cds turret and I put a small dimple on top w/ 1/16 drill bit at my zero, I CAN JUST glance down and see my zero, it never moved. I hunt country like Eagle creek in N. ID STEEP AND NASTY
I have had this question in my mind. I currently have my 1996 VX3 into change Elevation turret and am settling on M1 style ($140.00). I am also considering putting TMR reticle, $160. Question. Is it worth putting $300 into a Leupold VX3 6.5 x 20 AO ? lightbulb
Yes I would say so if it is a scope you use abit. Look at what new or used ones are. Also you could compromise and go with turret
No covers and yes they can get moved while dragging them in and out of cases. The first year I had mine I drove to my elk country and saw that the horizontal adjustment had moved about 1.5 or 2 minutes. I couldn't imagine that I hadn't set the adjustment to zero but figured I must have forgotten so I got out my wrench and set the adjustment to zero. A week or so later I couldn't hit a bull that was facing to my left at 550. I shot several times and was getting very flustered and when he turned to the right I shot again and he ran over the hill.

When I found him the whole story came together. The scope adjustment had been correct before I rezeroed it and the scope was now set for about 2 minutes to the left. When the bull was facing left I was shooting in front of him, when he turned to my right, I hit him in the liver. He only ran about 50 yards and layed down and I had to finish him off.

Yes they can be moved. Make a careful mental note of when you set your knobs and then trust them and check them.

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