leupold compacts


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Jan 4, 2004
Western Colorado
Did a search and found commentary on the Burris, but none on the leupold. Anyone have any experiences with them? Burris sounds okay, but no field of view. Leuy shows decent FOV, but judging from their website, it sounds like the bottem end of their line.
Shot a prototype Luppy M-1 Ultra 3X-9X Compact this weekend. It had a 5.56 NATO BDC elevation knoB on top & a mildot reticle.

Nice scope!
Have used several Leupold compacts. Sent back to Leupold for $65.00 they will put in the VariX III clicks and get rid of the pressure hold system. For their weight, they compare with any small scope out there. Better scopes available, but not for the weight and size!
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