Leupold click values ?

May 6, 2004
Holliaysburg, PA
I have two Leupy 6.5-20X target scopes that sure move 1/3 MOA instead of the 1/4 MOA per click in proven built rifles. Is this the norm in this forum's experience. I'm new to the long range game. TIA guys.
My 6.5 - 20 x 50 VX111 seems about right .
All 5 of my non target Leupolds have moved point of impact about double what the graduations suggest though .
I just bought a VX3 3.5X10 and the true amount the bullet moved with the turret adjustment was about 1/2 inch per click instead of the 1/4 inch listed. Makes you wonder?

Pat S.
Jeaazzzz ... if Leupold makes the FINE dinstinction between inches and MOA on their clicks, you'd think the mechanical traverse of their turrets would be a little more accurate. Kind of wipes out the subtle difference between inches and MOA. Guess I'm a little frustrated because I was hoping to go with a drop chart based on a known velocities and assuming Leupold MOA clicks to be accurate. I was looking for a lazy short cut based on an assumption and clearly the animals deserve better. My bad. Also, parallax correction is no where near whhat the scale on the objective "says" it is. Gonna have to fire Leupold and move on. Thanks for the replies, guys.
k williams--i'll take those "fired" leupold off your hands...no problem

all have their problems, and BTW--the numbers on the AO will ALMOST NEVER line up--kind of hard when everybody's vision is different

anyway--no shortcuts to a GOOD drop chart, sorry. shortcuts = missed/wounded animal

I have no comment on Leuy. I have used 5 different IOR's though, and found their click values to be on, and totally repeatable. I'm still using two of them.
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