Inch to click calculation


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Nov 21, 2002
Someone please tell me what the inch to click formula is. I have shot real world drops in inches and need to convert to clicks. Thank you.


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Jan 4, 2004

You are sighted in at 200 yrds.
You shoot at 600 yrds and hit 54" low.
Take your drop and divide it by your distance in hundreds of yards.

In this case 54/6=9

Now multiply the 9 by your clicks per 100 yrds.

For a 1/4" per click scope it would be 4*9=36

So to resight from 200 to 600 yrds you dial in 36 clicks up.

(Drop in inches/(yards/100))*(clicks per inch at 100 yrds)

Hope this makes sense and helps you out.



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Oct 21, 2003
Or if you have MOA numbers on your scope, do exactly like stated above but don't multiply by the clicks per inch of the scope...

If you have 1/4MOA adjustments on your scope, then 4 clicks = 1 MOA (or one whole number)
57.5 inches low at 600 yards you would divide the yardage by 100. 600/100=6 Divide the drop in inches by this number. 57.5/6 = 9.58 Adjust your scope 9.5 MOA-9.75 MOA or 38 or 39 clicks.

1MOA = 1.047in @ 100 yds or ~1 in
1MOA = 2in @ 200yds, 3in @ 300, etc.....

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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
This all assumes that your scope 'clicks' are as advertised... many are not exactly 1/4 or 1/8 MOA, which can confound the above techniques.

Take your gun, at 100yds, and shoot a group. Dial on 5 minutes of elevation, and shoot another. Should be (shooter ability allowing) centered exactly 5" above the center of the first group. If it's not, say it's 6" (like my Sightrons) for 1/8 moa clicks, then it works out to abut 0.150" per click at 100yds instead of 0.125 (1/8"). Then you get to futz around generating click charts for various ranges, since you can't just dial on 9 'minutes' as indicated on the turret, as it would _really_ be more like 10.8 minutes (9 'minutes' * 8 clicks per minute * 0.150 MOA click per minute)... PITA, to say the least. *Very* important to determine what your 'true' click values are before going any further.


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