Leupold CDS and advice on 1st midweight LR rig

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  1. mcseal2

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    Dec 16, 2009
    I recently found this website, and wish I would have a long time ago. I have a couple questions for those more knowledgable than I about my rifle/optics system I am using.

    What I have is a custom Winchester 264 win mag with a 25"#3 fluted barrel and a Leupold VX 3 6.5x20 with the Varmint Hunter reticle. I have successfully used this rifle on many coyotes & a couple deer out to 450yds and targets out to 600. I have an accurate reload with a Hodgden extreme powder for this rifle that I would build a turret for, and I have chronographed it at high and low temperatures.The rifle is fairly heavy when I head for the mountains, weighing 10lbs ready to hunt. I have a thumbhole walnut stock on it now and would like to switch to a lighter stock and maybe lighter scope for a muley hunt this fall.

    Now for the questions

    Is the CDS system reliable, and what reticle or method do you use for windage holds with this system? I looked at the CDS turret order form and saw that they asked for much less information than some companies want which concerned me a little.

    I have Leupold VX3's in 6.5x20 and 4.5x14, all with the VH reticle that I would consider getting turrets for. What scope would you recommend for long range deer and elk?

    Next question, what stock would you recommend for a M70 Classic magnum action to drop the weight without compromising accuracy?

    Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Dr. Vette

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    Dec 30, 2009
    I'd check Stockys (www.stockysstocks.com) for a Bell & Carlson Medalist or an HS Precision stock that would fit. Those may be the easiest "out of the box" stocks, though I'd still bed your rifle once you buy the new stock.