Len's Montana mule deer

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Len\'s Montana mule deer

Here are pictures of my Montana mule deer and of the scene where I shot it a week or so ago. The deer was located just behind the white bush in the foreground. The little white spot across the valley shows the ridge where I and the guide, Rory, were set up for the shot...583 yards away. In my left hand is a shed we found a few yards from the deer's bedding spot. We waited for the buck to stand to get a clear shot.

We were in the Missouri River Breaks region of eastern Montana and judging the wind was a challange. The wind was straight into our faces at the time of the shot. The guide (right about everything else that day just like my wife) said he thought the wind was straight on all the way out to the deer...on average. I disagreed and held off by 1 moa. Drift ended up being even a little more on the deer's chest. It took about 30 minutes to work our way over to the deer. While standing on the ridge, it was quite informative to look down in three different directions. By throwing grass up, I watched the wind's effect and learned a little more about the complexity of judging in the midst of intersecting valleys.

This is the most beautiful setup I have ever had for a shot...by far. Just spectacular scenery! The outfitter has a great operation with bigger deer if I had been patient enough to hold out longer. We saw 20 bucks per day. But as you know, for me, the shot setup is as important as the size of the animal. As it turns out, the next two days after I left were very foggy with 200 yard visibility so my timing was good anyway.

The outfitter is Scott Sundheim of Souix Pass Outfitters and this was my second trip with him. I'll be back next year.

Sioux Pass Outfitters

Guaranteed landowner tags are available. His land is absolutely perfect for the long range deer hunter. (By the way, if anyone knows of good outfitter long range elk hunting land let me know)



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Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

Congratulations Len. Sounds like a good hunt and a GREAT shot.

Can't wait till I get out west.

You didn't mention what you were shooting. I guess with the blaze orange vest that you weren't bowhunting.
Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

I was hoping you'd finally get around to posting some photos and details. Glad to see they treated you right out here in N.E. Montana. Congrats on your kill and long shot.
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Gongrats on a great shot and trophy.

That country out in the breaks can make a guy feel real small at times can't it. Like you said, perfect country for long range hunting.

I'm glad you were successful in my home state of Montana.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

Thanks, guys.

I was shooting my Chris Matthews built 7mm Dakota. Nesika Bay action, McMillan A-5 stock, 28 inch Schneider barrel, 176 grain Cauterucio bullet, Nightforce 5.5 to 22x scope, Harris bipod, Swarovski ATS 20-60 power spotting scope and Leica Locator Plus rangefinder.

Gosh, I am so happy with the tactical style of stock. I could never go back to an ordinary hunting rifle stock for this type of shooting.
Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

nice equiptment list, I figure about $5500-$6000 dollars worth. Wish I had your bucks (and I don't mean the deer). Anyways, Nice shot, sounds like everything worked out like it was supposed to. Question: What kind of damage did that bullet do to the deer at that range?
Heres some pics of big Wyoming Muleys I guided for this year.

220" BC with 32" outside spread

31" monster

and 188" buck
Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

WOW indeed!!!!

Nice deer to you too, Len!!

.308WIN, those are some hogs!!

Could I get some info that place, and maybe book a rifle hunt next year?? Terrific bucks!!..Thanks..sakofan....

Re: Len\'s Montana mule deer

Just emaily your address and i'll send you some info. Unfortunatlly, we are booked through 2006. But if you like what you see go ahead and book as soon as you can It's definitly worth the wait. Plus, spots may become availible.

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