Leica Binocs, 8, 10, or 12x50 BNs

You'll never regret the 10x42 Leicas. I can't say much else. I use the Leopold 12-42x60 spotter along with the 10x42 Leicas and what a combo.

I have to add that at times the 8x42 with even a larger field of view would have been nice but never would consider the 12x binos and the 50mm's are just too large and unnecessary in my view. The 42's are bad *** plain and simple even after dark I can see well enough to count brow tines for another 30-45 minutes when all I can see is NOTHING with my naked eye, not even an outline of anything except maybe a treeline in the distance against the sky. They are incredible.

I was looking at points on a bull moose last year throught them at about 80 feet when they started to spook and run. I lowered the bino's and couldn't see them at all anymore. I dove into an alder thicket to my right as I thought they were tired of me hanging around for the last hour and were comming to stomp me. There was a cow and twin calves there two and that's what made me nervous.

They ran to my left as I later found out and all was well save some scrapes and a mere hart attack. I picked them up later with the bino's walking back to where they had been after a few minutes, the bull dropped with a bullet behind the ear moments later.

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Sheldon, you are right to consider the weight, cause otherwise you won't want to carry the glass. If you care to check out a website from a world-class authority on optics (even though he's a bird-watching dude, but don't hold that against him!), then have a look here: http://betterviewdesired.com/

Check out his 'Classic Article', his recent review of the excellent Leupold Wind Rive P1 10x50 (roof prism), and so on. You will learn a lot and will likely make a better buying decision. For magnification beyond 10x, you will really be glad to have the tripod adapter that some binocs will accomodate, to hold the high power glass steady on a tripod instead of your muscles.

Good luck, whatever you decide. And shop around, you will find some really good deals out there if you search via Google once you've narrowed down your choices.
The bino adapter for the Leicas stays attached to my tripod head qick detach piece and also straps down my Leopold 12-40x60 spotter very fast so it's all I use for both, kind of worked out great for me. It takes about 5-10 seconds to switch between the two.

My father likes the 10x50's too but he hunts out of a buggy and doesn't do much walking anymore. Really I used a pair at the range a couple of months back and swore they were 10x42 but turned out they were 10x50, not much difference but I never had them around my neck for a while either.

Good luck. Don't cheat yourself which ever ou go with, grab a tripod adapter for it too. The Leica adapter will work on about any of them you choose if an adapter isn't offered for your model.
Sheldon, The 8X Leicas are indeed the same size and the 8X have a HUGE field of view even compared to the already generous 10X ones. If you have a spotter on hand the 8X binos will serve you probably even better if alot of viewing is done under a mile or so, which mine is 90% of the time. Low light viewing will also be a bit brighter too. If I had to do it over 8X42 would be my all around choice.
I use Nikon 12 x 50 Action series. These cost around $115 and are very good glasses. In fact, for the price, I'd say they are the best out there. I've had guys say there $500 Steiners were clearer but in a side by side comparison, there was no difference. Check them out before making your decision.
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