Leica 1200 Range Finder



I just got the Leica 1200 Range Finder a couple of days ago. I tested it against the Leica Geovid at various ranges. The 2 range finders were within 2 yards of each other. My longest confirmed return of data was 1196 yards.

Handy little range finder. On animals I have difficulty holding it still enough (on flat land) to get a reading. Thats cause I shake so bad. Once I leaned against the side of the van, I was ok. The range finder, in the carrying case weighs less than a pound.

Anybody else use this model and how do you like it?

I have the 1200 LRF and love it. It blows my old Bushnell YP1000 away. I have range out to 1165 yards on some patches of trees. Sounds like your 1200 ranges as well as your

As a range finder it works every bit as good as the Geovids. The advantage the goevid has is its weight - they are just much easier to hold steady. Also the geovids are great binoculars as well.

I bought the Leica 1200 for my upcomming elk trip to Colorado (leaving on the 7th of Oct). They are so light I figured they would work well on the mountains.

I just found out yesterday that I got the 2 cow tags I sent in for so now I have 3 elk tags to try and fill.

Have a good one,


The eye relief is a constant 3.7"

The scope has 47" of elevation adjustment

I am not really sure how much elevation adjustment I used to get on at 100 yards. I know I have enough left to shoot to 1300 yards.

As to the metric, well its in mils and since I use the target knobs it doesn't really come into play.

great you should have lots of fun!

I have had the most success using my Rangefinder in mountainous areas. In the Desert I am lucky to range past 700 yards as the only thing to range off of are deer and sage, and every once in a while a hillside.

By the way I noticed you have a 4-16x PII S&B scope, just wondering how you like it?

I have a few questions about the scope if you could help me out:

What is the eye relief on the 4-16x?

How much elevation adjustment is in the scope and how much up elevation did you end up with after mounting it (from 100 yard zero)?

How do you like the metric adjustments?
Thanks for the info on the scope. I have heard great things about them.

What round are you shooting and how many MOA does it take to get to 1300 yards from 100 yards?

I have that scope mounted on my 300 win mag. I use 180gr ballistic tips.

The 1300 yards question - well, not sure. I did check it once but don't recall.

I can tell you if I click up 36 mils I am on at 650 yards - my self imposed limit on deer.

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