Lee factory crimp dies

nite owl

Apr 23, 2008
West TN
I use the lee dies to reload 44 mag and 357 mag. Do any of you use the factory crimp die instead of using the seating die to crimp with ?
I use the Lee Factory Crimp Die on rifle loads for the mil-surp rifles I shoot. Most have looooooog throats and I get better accuracy by using the crimp die over non crimped rounds in them.
Yes, I use one in 38 spl., 357 mag, 44 mag, 30-30, and 45-70. I'll be adding one for my 9mm rounds next. I've had much better luck with the Lee crimp die, and it seems much less sensitive to trim length, which is nice when loading a couple hundred handgun rounds.

Thanks fellers, ups delivered me a couple yesterday, one for 44mag and one for 45acp. Looking foward to loading some up for the 44mag later on this afternoon.
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