Kudos to Walt Berger


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Jun 3, 2009
Central Arizona
Am just getting into reloading and wanted to start with 168gr Berger VLD's in my 7mm Rem Mag. Seeing nothing in the Sierra or Nosler manual about those particular bullets, I followed the recommendation of some here and emailed Walt berger for their recommended loads for that caliber using that specific bullet. Got my reply and am ready to jump in with both feet. Thanks Walt!:D
Everybody from Berger is the best to deal with. I don't think theres another company out there that gives customer service that they do.
Haven't had that much dealings with them, but I felt that since we are typically quick to sling some arrows when some business fails to meet our expectations, when they do then it warrants a tip of the hat. Often a business of their size lives and dies on the "word of mouth" advertising they get. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
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