Koola buck portable cooler


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May 21, 2015
I had been looking at these for several years , but any time I went to order, they were backed up by a few months so I always blew it off . Anyways, I finally ordered one this year and I picked it up this week . I couldn't be happier , plenty of room and it cooled down immediately to 37* . Should have bought one years ago . I don't see it as such a huge cost when you compare it to the rifles/scopes/boots/clothes/glass etc and other crazy expensive gear that we all buy . Seems like it is always a panic after shooting something , especially in the warmer seasons to get it to a meat locker and keep the meat cool, clean , dry etc . The meat lockers in our area of Colorado are as disgusting as they come and you never get nearly as much meat back as when you do it yourself , especially when the seasons pick-up and they are swamped . Now I can put my animals in a spotless clean cooler and let them dry age as long as I want and process them at my leisure when I am off work and get every scrap of meat off the bone . Just thought I would put out a little review of this thing since I really couldn't find much about them when I looked .

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