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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
Does anyone know how it works or what it looks like? Read that S&B does (did one in 4x16x50 for an ARMY prototype 338 Lapua) custom reticles and was wondering about it.

I know that mostly everyone here uses Leupy,NF and a few others but curious about this design.

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That reticle is the Premier Reticles' Gen II mildot without the 5 MOA marks for movers. Premier is working with S&B to install the reticle and bring to market an American Market S&B that should fit the tactical role quite nicely. It'll be a 4x16x42mm PMII with a magnified Gen II reticle, 1/4 moa clicks not 1cm. Should be the cats ***,, so to speak.

Fatboy, for a metric head like me the 0.1 mil (aka 1 cm) cliks are OK, the metric (decimal) system rules
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