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Feb 6, 2008
Roy, UT
Guys- I'm asking you because I respect your opinions. I have an interview for a job today that I don't necessarily need. I have a pretty good Job that I've been at for almost 14 years and have a lot of flexibility with good bosses. The down side is that professionally I've hit the ceiling here position wise.

I feel I owe it to my family to do better if I can. I've already had 2 interviews over the phone and this is the first "in person". I may not even get offered the job but wanted to put the situation in some perspective.

What kind of questions would you ask a perspective employer?
Make sure you fully understand their benifit package.

If your in a positon that gets bonus get their history of bonus payouts meaning how they did against their goals.

You seem like you don't want to flatline in you upward movemant within your ask them what their inside promotion percentage is based on their outside hire.

Ask yourself what is making you think about leaving the company your at now and what you would like differant then ask the new company their policy/ sense leavin one place to go to another that is exactly the same.

Ask them what their hours of operation are during hunting season!!! :D
Jmason, I'm sure you've gave this a thought already but just in case here goes . In my line of work I see people loosing their jobs daily, I have couples coming in to my place of work that has lost both of their jobs and both are now on unemployment barely paying the light/phone/bill and food. Let alone making house and vehicle payments. So my advice would be to check out the field of work and how stable it is not trying to discourage you but your job that you have now may be stable for you and your family in a time when the job market is very very unstable . Some times the grass is not so greener on the other side of the fence. Good luck with watever you do.

The best advice I could give you that is if you are a christian is Pray about it befor you do anything!

depending on what the new company sells,produces, provides, research their market, sales, demand.

Is it a company on the up-swing or in stagnancy?

Who is their clientel and how is their market doing?

Show them you know somthing about them and ask tough questions about profits, debt, overhead.

It would suck to leave a stable job and then get the ax after a year with a faltering company.

If your research shows some issues with them and you think you can fix it and make them profitable, then sell yourself to them on that note, and make sure the risk is worth the reward.
Hope the interview went well and an offer is forthcoming.
If the company you are working for is financally solid and they are happy with your performance - and you like what you're doing then I personally would not leave. The economy is just to unstable to be taking unnecessary risks. That's just me. You need to weigh the risk against the potential gain.
And I agree with Bigbuck - prayerfully consider your options - and remeber God's will is not necessarly what we think is best.

Keep us posted.
JMason, Excellent advice from each of the previous posts. I'm familar with the phrase "hitting the ceiling" but, If you don't mind being more specific when you say-professionally I've hit the ceiling here position wise. For example, is that because your company lacks growth so it's the old someone has to retire, die or leave? Is the next step up require a degree or set of skills, knowledge and/or behavior they think you may not have acquired yet? Is it one of those companies that takes the position that you can't obtain the next position unless you have experience in that position? If you would rather not get into specifics, I understand and retrack the question, just trying to help. Good luck in your quest. Charlie
Guys, thanks for all the reply's! It went well. I'll give you some details later this weekend. Gotta give the kids a bath now.

Glad things went well.

The only what I would call a mistake that I made was a decision to relocate from Idaho to Cranberry Township (Mars) in 1980 and then telling the wife about it. We only had 5 children at the time.

I know that the engine leads the train but should at least communicate and get agreement from the second in command.

An above post mentioned prayer........always a good idea no matter who one is.

Don't let 'change' frighten you.

You guts will tell what's right but again prayer helps and be specific.

Bathing kids........those were the days. Now its grand kids........ got 14 3/4 of 'em:D

Two things:

  1. Money is like oxygen. The more you have the faster you get it, the better
  2. Remember what William Wallace said: "FREEDOM!"
Roy, thanks buddy! The "second in command" will indeed have some say in what happens if it does. I also have spent a good bit of time talking to the man upstairs over this.

After two hours of discussion they did offer me a position, but they were too low on the $$ and that was the max of their budget for the position. They did say they were going to try to negotiate more $$ for the position and "if they were successful I would know". If they don't, I don't care as it will force me to have to make a very difficult decision. I have almost 14 years where I'm at and a lot of freedom. The company(where I interviewed) is solid from what I can see and what I've been told by others. Also a majority of their employees have been there 10 plus years. That tells me it could be a good new home. I did leave knowing they wanted me and it made me feel like a million bucks!

If I were them I'd continue to interview and try to find someone who will fit the mold and their budget. That would probably be in their best interest.
JMason, is that because your company lacks growth so it's the old someone has to retire, die or leave?

Charlie- that's pretty much it, and I do appreciate everyone's insight. I am a PM for the company and the positions above always seem to be filled by a family member. Company is family owned. It is a small company w/ 60 or so employees. Don't get me wrong they are good people. I just can't see the people in place above me being successful at maintaining the place after the President/ owner retires which isn't in the very near future anyway. The interview at the new place found me, I wasn't exactly looking.
JMason, I get the picture, hopefully the pres/owner will be there for a long while, keep your ear close on that one & if rumblings start about him/her retiring and your concerned about the companies well being going forward then that may be the time to look seriously again. I've seen companies continue to be succesful when original owner leaves business to rest of family and I've seen the opposite where family members pull as much cash out of the business as possible and sometimes even raid the pensions and the company tanks. Stay alert. Nice too know other companies value what you bring to the table enough to have made you an offer.
Well Fellas, this one came full circle for me. I think I'll fit right in (as well as a square in a circle's hole anyway). They came up with a little more than I said I needed to make the move. After 4 interviews we came to an agreement. I'll be giving notice to my employer on Monday and starting fresh on the second day of the new year. Don't want to tell them(current employer) Monday cause it'll ruin the last few days I have off for hunting. Thanks again for your input everyone! I really do appreciate it.:)
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