Jewell Triggers?


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Oct 23, 2009
I'v been thinking about upgrading to a jewell trigger. It seems like most everyone agrees that they are the best from what iv read. My only problem is iv heard that if they get dirty or dust inside of them they go haywire. Has anyone had this experience? Right now my gun has the rem x-mark trigger in it and I think its right around 2.5-3lbs. and breaks clean with no creep but iv just heard that the jewell is outstanding compared to the others. What do you guys think?
Yes I have had it happen. The trigger was on it's second day of shooting. I had gotten cleaning solvent in it while breaking in the barrel. It even fired one on bolt lift. They are great but they need to be cleaned. Jewell recommends removing the trigger and cleaning it every time you clean your rifle.

All models are made from a satin finish stainless steel. Are they worth the extra work? I and I guess alot of folks here and BR think so...Jewell sells a bunch of them.
Are they all stainless parts and are they worth the extra work?

I think it depends on what your rifle is mostly used for. If you spend a lot of time shooting paper targets off a bench and want an ultra light trigger then it might be the one. If you are packing the rifle in a rough enviorment maybe not. Most trigger manufacturers make several different designs of triggers. Mostly seperated by their weight of pull. I have found that triggers that are to be used in the 1 1/2 to 3 lb range of pull tend to be more reliable. This is what I choose to use.

I have 25 of them--(3 are spare blueprinted ones for my competition rifles) and have never had a problem with one. On sporters and competition triggers use lighter fluid to clean -- pretty easy actually.
I agree with you Broz. Its my primary hunting rifle so it has to be ultra reliable. Im not wanting a hair trigger just pretty light. Id probably go with the 1.5-3.0 lb. model. How much do they usually go for?
Don't get the wrong impression there are 10 different Jewell Hunter model triggers with 1.5 -3.5 pounds of pull...Some of the top gunsmiths here on LRH use them frequently on custom hunting rigs they build...that's good enough for me...they are reliable. here's a link:

Jewell Triggers at
What do you mean ten different models? I went to the link and read the "jewell 101" and I expect that most of you guys have the jewell with the bolt release and safety? Is there other options other than bolt release and safety that Im not aware of? Thanks for all the quick responses.
I agree with you Broz. Its my primary hunting rifle so it has to be ultra reliable. Im not wanting a hair trigger just pretty light. Id probably go with the 1.5-3.0 lb. model. How much do they usually go for?

Prices vary with the model and options, but "under $200 " is the usual answer.
I highly recommend this source for Jewell trigger. Larry gives excellent service, low prices, and he's knowledgeable about the triggers. I've bought about a dozen for Rem 700s, AR-15s and LR-308s.

The worst part about Jewell triggers is that they aren't made for the rifles which need them most.
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Sorry Chas1, I understand what you meant. I just had to read your post a couple times to figure it out. Thanks for all the help. I think ill give him a call tomorrow.
No problem just glad to help. I know there have been times when I've bought something and later found out that I wish I would have known about this brand or sometimes I learned the hard way and bought something twice. In the end the decision is yours but at least you get to see and review all the cars on the lot so to speak. I think either way you go they're both good triggers and you can't go wrong...I just prefer Jewell. Let us know what you decide and best of luck.
Shoot ALL of the other triggers out there!
Spend money to get them "Professionally Tuned"!
Then shoot a Jewel out of the box!
And then you will understand!
Been there done that
You should know that shooting a rifle with a Jewel trigger will end up costing you alot of money. Only because after you have one rifle with a Jewel you will want everything thing you own to have a Jewel. :)
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