Is the bore clean ?


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Dec 24, 2007
gun)Maby dad was'nt right? parents dont know what thay are talking about right? Well thats what I thought 35 years ago. LOL My yungest out of 3 is now 17 we do a lot of hunten. OK cleaning a rifle what cleaning rod or bore snake hoppe's #9 or is there somthing better? I just spent a lot of $$$$$$$$$$ on my old 700 .06 getting it to shoot sub MOA. Hits a 1" at 200Y now Then I go and buy another 700 7mm R M. Gave my .06 to my son dam lucky kid. GO through the hole process dont want to miss a thing
+1 on the Lucas bore guide. Just ordered two more tonight. I use Wipeout, TM, Hoppes and a few others. Never together though. I think they all work, just some are faster than others. My favorite right now if I have time, is to use good old Hoppes. I soak the bore muzzle down on a clean sock and jag with a fresh patch. This takes time though. Also quit using brushes altogether.
Nylon brushes are easier on bores and crowns, I still don't use them though (or very rarely). Everytime I use a brush, the accuracy diminishes until the bore gets fouled a bit. Sometimes this takes quite a few rounds, depends on the gun. I've found that if I use either Wipeout or Hoppes, the bores come out clean and accuracy along with POI doesn't change.

I should be careful that I don't say never use a brush. I think there are times when a bore may need a good scrubbing. A while back, another member challenged me to get my bore as clean as possible and then brush it. I'll have to admit that I did get a lot of carbon fouling out of it when it was brushed. It may still be a good idea for the heavily fouled barrel, but even with this, I typically only do it about twice a year.

Please don't consider me an expert on this topic. I can only tell you what is working for me. Check out this link to some good information on bore cleaning. You'll see that everyone sort of develops a technique that works for them.

Bore Brushing--How Much is Too Much?
First I do compete and have a borescope to look at each tube to know when it is clean or not. What follows is what one of the best shooters and builders on the planet does as do I for the most part. Speedy builds all of my rifles for competition, SS Sporters and we shoot together when possible.

For the most part and this is just a general rule that works for me 100% of the time but I have not shot a factory tube in quite some time---"a clean barrel is a happy barrel" SPEEDY Rifle Cleaning Process. As a note Step 3 should you want to try this is the old #7 not the new reformulated and for what it is worth Speedy as well as I use Butches, Sweets and Iosso only on our tubes for cleaning.

People who tell you that a phosphor bronze brush will damage your barrel or cause it to wear prematurely are just ignorant of the correct way to clean the tube and of course lack the proper equipment/knowledge to do it properly---key word PROPERLY remember that.
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If you want to get ALL the copper out of your bore, Wipeout will do it without brushing. It doesn't get all the carbon out though but I dont mind a little carbon in the bore. There are some good carbon removers for that.

If cleaning at the range, I can remove most of the copper wothout brushing by using Bore Tech., but to get it all it hepls to use a nylon brush I dont use bronze brushes because they disolve with copper remover and leave a blue residue giving a false cappeor reading. After stroking the brush a few times I let it sit for about 20 min and patch. I repeat until the copper is gone.

I've read that KG-1 and KG-12 are good products for cleaning. I also found that Montana Extreme Copper Cream is a very good product for removing powder (not so good for removing copper). It's a mild abrasive and best used in conjuction with Montna Extreme 50 BMG cleaner. Wet the bore with 50 BMG, then apply some cream to a patch and short stroke a few time from muzzle to throat and repeat. It will get all the powder out.

I dont clean until accuracy falls off or the bore gets moisture in it.

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