Is anyone interested in calling contests in wyoming?

I've competed in the Campbell County Predator Callers competition many times. It got a little uninteresting & we've since pulled out.

What's on your mind?

Well outlaw, there's a lot more in the area! I have thought of doing that hunt many times but just never have. I help put the hunt on in Newcastle. We are going to be joining the Best of the best series as a qualifying hunt next year. Here is the web sights for some more of the hunts around the state! Wyoming Best of the Best State Coyote Hunt
Very interesting, my partner & I toyed with the idea of hunting that one (I think it was Newcastle :rolleyes:) after we decided to discontinue our Gillette series.

I will take a look.

We put on a really good hunt in Newcastle, with a good turn out and lots of prizes! Its only going to get bigger with joining the wyo best of the best series next year.
What are the rules regarding travel? Both my partner & I have private ranches but, they are both nearly an hour north of Gillette.... makes for a LOT of travel.

Justin I am from billings, are you the Justin who puts on the nomad shoot? If so i shot with you at the Douglas match last month.
Just went to the site, apparently my kind isnt welcome. (Montana) ha. let me know if they change that would like to go to one. tell them I will hunt state land if it helps.
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