Is a 24" barrel a waste of time for the 300WSM



I'm wanting a shorter barrel for the 300WSM I'm working on but wondering if I'm wasting my time with the 24" tube. Is it unreasonable to think one can reach 3000fps with a 175gr bullet with the 300WSM and a 24" barrel.
you should be able to reach 3000fps,it may just take fiddling with primer and powder combos.recently i have been working up loads for my friends 300wsm with a 24" tube and ran into all kinds pressure,i tried some diferent powders still pressure-decdided to switch primers from the 215m to the br-2 and pressure went away and velocity was where we wanted it.variances from rifle to rifle are the norm but with work im sure it can be done with minimal pressures-my-2-dave
It all depends on what you want to do with it. I like both 26" and 24" barrels. If you have to have the extra 40-75 FPS go with the 26" barrel. If you can live without it do the 24. I like 24" because they are shorter and stiffer. On the more negative side they offer more muzzle balst which I dont like for a variety of ballistic reasons. A 24" bbl with a brake will help solve this, but now you have an extra bit of length with the brake. For the 300 WSM a 24 or 26" barrel is going to offer alot of blast. You probably want a brake anyway.

I know a couple of shooters that get over 3000 FPS with the 175 SMK from a 24" barrel in their 300 WSM braked.

The nice thing about the 300 WSM is it is a very effecient case. Even with a 24" tube. For me a 24" tube would not be a complete waste of time, but if were going to build a 300 WSM I would be needeing somthing faster than I have now. I wouldnt mess around, I would go long and if I really didnt like it I could have it cut down to 24"
Its hard to add 2" though!! Come to think of it I dont remember that being somthing the smith could do

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in my 24" 300 wsm, i get 3025 f/s w/ 180 sierras. i have taken this gun over 3100 f/s, but accuracy fell off...

i am using rl-19, win cases, federal mag primers, and 180 sierra gamekings. 3000 f/s shouldn't be a problem.
this one represents my first ever winchester. before i got a chance to hunt w/ it, i picked up a win classic in 338... now that i had a chance to hunt 'em, no more winchesters! lol... oh well... needed to round out the rem collection a little.
With 73gr RL19 and 2.975" OAL, my Dad's getting 3270 in his 27" with the 178 A-Max, I **** well better get 3000 in the 24" I'm having done.

This load is safe in his, work up to it with caution in yours.

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Not sure is you saw other post about my 300WSM or not..
I have a 24" rock barrel 11 twist. I get 3000 fps with 190 gr bullets.. safely

with the 175's I can reach 3200 easily... but accuracy is at 3000 fps...

I bet with velocities over this you're gonna wear the barrel out alot quicker...

Keep in mind the rock barrel has alot to do with this...
Thanks for all your info guys , I was just wanting something that has a little more power than the 308 yet weighs the same.

Why is it that a mike Rock barrel can give higher velocities that say a Lilja or Hart of the same twist ??
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