Interesting Curiosity: 1800s Military Shooting Manual

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    Jul 26, 2013
    Good Afternoon folks....

    Thought I would share an interesting curiosity that I acquired a number of years ago.

    "Rifle and Carbine Firing" by CPT Stanhope E. Blunt

    I found it interesting due to the fact that at the time the US military was still trying to figure out the concept of Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Long Range Shooting. You can see a little bit of that when reading the book. The plates depicting the shooting positions are especially interesting.

    The copy I have is second edition 1876 or 1887....I'm at work and cant remember the pub date. The link below is to a pdf version of the 3rd edition.

    The shooting position on page 63 is interesting.

    Inscription on first blank page in pen:

    F.M Frazer
    Lost Nation

    Brass Clasp over book has initials: "FMF"

    I believe that 12-25 is a military unit designation....rather then a date. In some of my prior research (I lost the link and am unable to source it) 12-25 Infantry Reg. was stationed in lost nation, ia and in 1890 marched to south dakota and participated in the Wounded Knee Massacre.


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    That's a very cool find! Wouldn't mind stumbling across one of those myself, one day.