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Apr 17, 2004
North Central Arkansas
I am the new guy on the link and have been out of the LRH business for many years. But now have a renewed interest and was wondering if any one had any information on the .25 Gibbs? Looking for a long range varmint rifle. Appreciate any help you can provide.

The Gibbs line is basicaly an Ackly improved case with the shoulder moved forward slightly I'm not to sure that their would be any advantage over the standard 25-06Ai due to the fact that the 25-06 is pretty much already overbore. The less body taper and steeper shoulder angle along with the increase in case capacity may offer a bit more velocity over the standard 25-06 but I think that the extended case live would be the biggest benifit.
With the lack of good High BC long range bullets for the 25 cals I wonder why folks woulden't go with the 6.5-06Ai instead.
You'll get better varity of bullets and slightly higher velocities with the same weight bullets.
Thanks for the info. on the .25 Gibbs. Are you familiar with the 6.5-06AI? What twist is necessary to get the bullet to open on small targets like PG's and Crows etc?

Thanks again
I have had both the standard .25-06 and the AI version. Both kill coyotes, deer and chucks like hot lightening. If I were going Gibbs or .25-06 AI I would definately recommend at least a 26" barrel. You would probably not gain much by going Gibbs other then more trouble fireforming brass and the more brass you have to "make" the less barrel life you'll have. I'd go either standard .25-06 or the AI version. If you want more horse out of a .257 caliber, chamber for a Weatherby. As suggested, you may consider the 6.5-06 or AI version, because of better bullets and better B.C.'s.
PDR , I load for a buddies 6.5-06. He shoots the 120gr ballistic tips for deer and the 95gr V-max for his varmints.
His rig is built on a 26" barrel with 1-10 twist. His 120gr deer load consist of 56.5gr of R-19 and a CCI BR-2 primer in a resized 30-06 Lapua case. The velocity of this load is in the 3200-3300fps range and is instant death on our small whitetails.
The varmint load consist of 62gr of R-19 and the CCI BR-2 primer , Velocity is right at 3700 fps. This is a HOT load flattens the primers out in 65 deg weather. BUT is is completly awsome for spalt factor much better than my 243Ai with 75gr V-maxes.
He shot a feral cat at about 300yds and blew it into several pieces.

I'm thinking that you might be able to squeez a little extra velocity out of the Ai verson but the case streching should be cut way back.

What exactly are you looking to do with this gun , what animals at what ranges ??
Hey guys thanks for the info. JD- my thoughts are to have a round that will take small varmints (crows & PD's) and light big game (Deer to about 140 lbs)at ranges inside of 1000. I agree that a 26" tube would most likely work best and of medium weight. Is that range asking to much of the 25 cal.?? Would the 6.5 in a Gibbs or a 280 in Gibbs be a better option for those ranges??
I do appreciate your input guys, keep it coming.

I use a 25/06 with a 27.5" Lilja.

For small varmints I prefer the Hornady V-Max (75 gr) and the Nosler B-Tips (85 gr).

The reason for this is I get better & cleaner kills than with my Sierra MK load. The MK simply passes through at long range due to the minimal resistance of the small varmint physiology. The lighter explosive bullets result in complete decimation even past 600 yards. Wind does, of course, affect them to a greater degree but the terminal performance is so much better that I have gone to using them on the prairie rats almost exclusively.

Wait until you see what a V-Max leaving at 3800 fps does to a crow!!

For antelope out to 700 or so, I have used the Sierra MK (100 gr) with great results. This year I'll be trying a new load using the Hornady 117 SST. Shoots very well for me but I've not taken a goat with it yet.

You might also look at the Sierra 117 SPBT. I used it very successfully on goats and deer before I started using the MK. Excellent long range bullet and most affordable.

Avoid Sierra's 120 grain HPBT in the 25s as it drops like a stone when it starts to slow down. Not a good wind performer either. Many hunters swear by it, but they're not using it at long range.

Personally, I would use either the standard 25/06 or go directly to the Weatherby quarterbore cartridge.


The 25 GIBBS - the speeds are quoted from a book on the GIBBS line . 26" barrel , 1 x10 twist , ( 117 gr ) - 3332, 3317 , 3295, 3285 - (100 gr) - 3545 , 3510, 3502 ,3505 - (87 gr ) - 3784 , 3789, 3768, 3762- (75gr ) - 3902, 3897, 3897 , 3861. Ray Romain (814)265-1948 chambers these - the 06 case was the base for these with the case blown forward about .040 with a shoulder of 30 to 35deg depending on caliber. Ray uses 06 or the 270 case which are longer .046 longer than the 06 case . a powder increase of 8 to 10 grains is the result , increased powder - increased speed.
the ones I've been looking at are the 6.5 and the 30 calibers . several people on this site have used these wildcats with great success , magnum speed all on 30-06 brass - good luck
Old Fart
Where can I get a book on the Gibbs line like the one you quoted from???? I have looked everywhere for info. on the Gibbs line but found near nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
Old Fart
Sorry but I am being blocked from send you a PM with my e-mail address. Any suggestions on how I can get through, I'd love to get my hands on the Gibbs info. I called Ray R. yesterday and he is really fired up over the 30 Gibbs but I think it is over kill for my use. He did suggest the 284 cal. or (7MM Gibbs) great selection of high BC pills and in 26" tube with 1 in 9 twist might do just fine. However, would still like to get the Gibbs info. any suggestions.

PDR - The 30 and 7 mm are popular because it's easy to rechamber , find a good used varmint or bench rest barrel in 308 , 7x57 ,7x08 ,260 , and for little money Ray will rechamber for a gibbs . several on this site have done this .and you end up with a very good product . My Problem is I want the speed but I'd rather shoot than make cases ,I'm having a 6.5x284 being chambered as we speak on a 700 long action , but I still like the idea of using the 06 case as a base for a go fast rifle. The AI versions of 25-06 ,270,280 and 06 , really are excellent , and you can shoot ,hunt with standard store bought even while fire forming the cases , and you can't do that with any of the Gibbs , also try Hawk Industries they do 06 based cases.
Old Fart
Try R & R Angus Cattle Production 181 S. Bolden Hill RD Greenbrier, Arkansas 72058-9022 and Thanks in advance. I may be as old as you are as I was shooting the 22/250 and the 25/06 in the early 60's before they became factory rounds. So I too may be an Old Fart. Love to talk guns, reloading and wildcats. The Gibbs line has interested me for some time but can't find any info. so what ever you can pass my way is appreciated.

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