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Nov 6, 2009
let me start off by saying that I am not an expert reloader, but I know the basics and I've done ok so far. I will try to explain the problem I'm having the best I can.
Equipment: Redding 3pc S-type bushing die set for 300WSM, Remington brass, 210 Berger VLD's and Fed 210 primers with 64.5 grns of H4350.

I've loaded 100 rounds of the above load with all new brass. I've shot those 100 rounds and I've started over reloading the "once fired" brass. This is where I ran into a problem. I ran the cases through the decapping/neck sizer die, cleaned my primer pockets, checked my lengths, ran the cases through the full length body resizing die, then chambered a empty brass to check for proper fit. Everything was fine. After all this I just happened to be tinkering and I put a mic on the mouth/neck of one of the once fired brass (after I had done all my resizing) and noticed that it was a little bigger than the measurments from my new brass. I picked up a bullet and noticed that it had no tension on it as I slid it back and forth through the neck/mouth ofthe case. The neck would not hold the bullet....it's too big after I resized?? It just slides in and out freely with no tension to hold the bullet in place.

What am I doing wrong? I think I have my dies set correctly according to my manuals and stuff. Is there a problem with my die? Is it not resizing the neck back down correctly? I'm stumped here. The bottom of my die and my shell holder just alsmost touch when the ram is at full stroke just like it's supposed to. Why is the mouth opening to big for the bullet??

Remember I'm basically a newby to reloading as far as my knowledge of problem solving like this, but I've been reloading since I was tall enough to stand in a chair and pull the handle on the ram down and I've never had the problem before.

Any help would be appreciated.

If it did not come with the set of dies then no I do not have a bushing. Why wouldn't they include this with the set? What does it look like? I assume a round piece that fits down into the top of the die??
They don't come with it because people get custom necks made in their guns. So that means you can get different sizes. If you do a search you'll find them. I know midway has them. I can't tell you what size you need but I'll but bet someone who knows will chime in.
Sounds like no bushing to me too. Do this: Mic your neck thickness, a ball mic is best but you can get by carefully with calipers. Double that number and add it to bullet diameter. Now subtract .003" and order a bushing that size. I would also order a bushing or two on either side of that just to be sure you get the right one, .001" error in your neck thickness will matter here... Example: 7mm bullet=.284" + (.014"necks x 2)=.312" now subtract however much "grip" you need on the bullet, for magazine fed I can usually get by with .003" so you would use a .309" bushing.
They don't come with it because people get custom necks made in their guns. So that means you can get different sizes. If you do a search you'll find them. I know midway has them. I can't tell you what size you need but I'll but bet someone who knows will chime in.

I don't consider myself an expert but I normally want a .004 to .006 smaller neck Inside dia.
fit on the bullet (Tension) .so take the bullet dia. add the wall thickness of the case x 2 and
then reduce this buy the amount of tension you want and that is the size of the bushing
to buy.

Example; .284 bullet dia. +.014 +014 wall thickness = .312 Minus .006 for bullet tension= .306
ID for bushing. There is a chart that will tell you which bushing will get you this diameter.

I would buy several different size bushings because of spring back of the neck is different
depending on how many firings and/or what brand the brass is. (.004, .006, and .008 ).

I hope this helped

Normally, you only need to run the fired cases into a single sizer die, not two of them. The S dies come in neck sizer dies or FL sizer dies. You must use a bushing of appropiate size in either of the S series sizer dies.

To determine the bushing you must first measure the neck diameter of a loaded (or dummy) round using the brass that you will be reloading. Take that measurement and subtract .002"-.003" of an inch and you'll know what bushing size you need.

You should check Redding's web site for more specific information on bushing dies.
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I have 3 die set also. My steps are to do the body sizng first, then trim the case to length and debur, then neck size and decap.

One thing that I haven't noticed mentioned is that if you are going to use bushing dies, you should really turn your necks to uniform thikness if you haven't already. This will affect the size bushing you need. You need to this because your factory neck thickness will have irregularities in it and these will be pushed to the inside of your neck by the bushing. To prep the necks for turning you should use the prpoer size expander button for your cal in your bushing sizer. I believe they should have provided this button with your die? After your neck are turned, you'll want to seat a bullet and measure the OD, or if you're in a hurry you can guestimate this and order a bushing or range of bushings.

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