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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Tackdriver22250AI, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004

    From what I am seeing with the 243 WSSM is that it is faster then the 243 by a fair margin but from loads I have used in the 243 AI, they are about identical, in fact, most 243 AI loads I have seen are a bit faster.

    I am sure this is because of the quality chambers and throats in the AI rifles.

    As far as on game performance, I really do not recommend the 243 class of rounds for taking big deer at 350 yards.

    Will they work, certainly, but there are much better rounds that do not have all that much more recoil then the 243 rounds that are head and shoulders above the 243 as far as on game performance goes.

    Also, if you want 750 yard target possibilities, you really will need a faster twist then is offered by the factory for shooting the heavier match quality bullets.

    THe lighter 85 -100 gr class bullets will work but their B.C. is not great for this range of shooting, still they can be used.

    As far as a deer rifle, the 25 WSSM would be much better then the 243 WSSM in my opinion because of its heavier bullet options.

    Plus, a 115 gr Ballistic Tip makes a pretty good target bullet to 750 yards as well.

    I still feel this round is marginal for taking deer at 350 yards.

    Now before someone breaks a finger responding that their 223 Rem works great on deer out to 500 yards, let me say that being a gunsmith, I will not recommend a marginal cartridge for a specific job, I would much rather be over gunned then under.

    I am also considering the deer I hunt, Northern Whitetails and Mule deer which routinely top +300 lbs on the hoof with a few big mulies playing with 400 lbs from time to time. My biggest whitetail was 330 lbs on the hoof. If your hunting southern deer, other considerations can be made for sure.

    The ballistics I have seen on the 25 WSSM place it behind the 25-06 when this round is handloaded.

    Now back to the 243 WSSM, handloaded this round should be in the same class or very near to the 6mm-284 as far as case volume goes but it does not seem to be reaching that level, again, perhaps this is a chamber throat issue and nothing more.

    Good Shooting!!!

    Kirby Allen(50)