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Nov 16, 2017
While I agree with borderline nothing Marx felt, and am not an apologist for Marxism I think it important we note a this isn’t Marxism. Even Marx himself was adamantly pro gun and flat out said that disarmament of the people was unacceptable

“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary”

while the idea that I just quoted Marx in agreement makes me want to vomit a bit it is an important distinction in my opinion of this situation. The disarmament of the people is not a Marxist ideal. It is a leftist totalitarian ideal.


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Dec 31, 2015
But it has.

Up until this last year, the majority of people thought "it could never happen here"

even though it's been happening here for decades, while everyone slept through the alarm clock.

And only now that democrats are locking down entire states, blessing rioters and forcing the police to stand down, contemptuously tearing down statues of our American heritage, discussing their wish to nullify the electoral college and pack the SCOTUS with extra radical activists who will misinterpret the constitution through a Marxist viewpoint, and ultimately "rewrite" the Constitution without any protections against tyranny, do *some* people finally see what has been going on.

All of this has not come out of nowhere. Marxist totalitarianism and a dumbed-down, propagandized, disarmed citizenry of slaves has been the progressive democrat's end goal for decades. And they've reached the tipping point.

And in addition to getting rid of the electoral college and packing the court, I have read that the enemy also wants to add additional senate seats by splitting up California and granting statehood to Washington DC.


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Jul 18, 2019
If you haven’t voted yet, you’d better vote like this is THE election to end all fair elections. If the Democrats win the election for President and gain a majority in the Senate, the election process we now have is over. There is much, much more at stake than the 2nd Amendment. If they have their way, there will be no Constitution and they will do what ever they desire with whom ever they desire.
Our country will go to the highest bidder.


Feb 25, 2015
Does he expect you to go door to door and search every home for illegal guns and make sure the legal ones are properly stored?

Does buried in the yard count as legally stored? Haha.

I like this one “End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.” There’s no way that would happen

You think that there is no way that that can happen? Look at the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia:

1. You get to purchase one pistol and one long gun per month.
2. You want to buy ammo, nothing over the internet, you must go to licensed ammo dealer, pay a fee, where that run a background check on you. Then you can by your .22 LR ammo.
2a. You know that ammo that you had loaded for your Idaho hunt, well you better use it up as you are not allowed to bring it into Kalifornia.
3. Last senate session a bill ran out of time that would stop all "precursor" parts for gun builds from being purchased over the internet would have to go to a FFL dealer and get a NICS check (example: parts that could be used to finish building a gun, such as AR uppers, barrels, ...)
4. It is commonly accepted that Kalifornia Law Enforcement attends gun shows in Reno and Las Vegas Nevada watching for ammo purchases going back to Kalifornia.
5. For twenty years we have not been allowed to own normal capacity magazines for semi-automatic handguns or rifles. Grandfather clause exception. (law currently under a stay of execution)
6. Since January 1, 2001, no handgun may be manufactured or lent, given or offered for sale in the state of Kalifornia unless it passes strict firing, safety requirements. This law requires micro stamping where serial number or other unique identifier must be imprinted on each fired case. This is why we can purchase gen 3 Glock handguns but not Gen 4 or newer. P.S. No one has been able to prove that micro stamping is even possible.
7. New law passed and signed states the if a new handgun can pass the states requirements, the three handguns currently on the list must be removed. Oh ya, did you know that a handgun model with a 4" barrel and slide is different than the exact same gun with a 4 1/2" barrel and slide.
8. Want to risk going to jail? It is illegal to loan a firearm to someone without going through a NICS check. You and your buddy are going bird hunting and she wants to try out your shotgun because she is interested in buying it from you. Don't get caught.
9. 50 BMG, such as the Barrett 50 cal bolt gun. Illegal because it is so deadly from so far away. They have not figured out what is possible with .338 Lapua, ...

Item 10 thru 67 too depressing to talk about.

But I think in Kalifornia that a woman still has the right, that on the way to the hospital after her water breaks, to make the decision of going to delivery room or abortion clinic.

Before everyone slams me, I am still here because of family medical needs

So the lesson is: if you don't stand up now you will stoop down later.


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