If you had 6 Grand to spend on that perfect rifle


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May 1, 2003
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im getting ready to build a Long Range Tac/Range/huge game hunting rig, I got some insurance money from a car accident so I plan to put the best components together, my calibers of choice are 30-404 Improved, 30-338LM improved, or a 338 Yogi, I dont care about case trimming or neck turning, ive done it for 10 years with 22BR, 6.5x284, 6ppc,6mmAkImp, so im pretty familar with long range shooting and practice's for accracy................I was just wondering what kinda rig, everything down to the groves and twist on the barrel, thanks alot Greg
I'm pleased with the 30/338 Lapua Imp and the Lilja 3 groove 11 twist and will build more. Use solid componets, have a smith doing things perfect put it together and help you with the details and you'll be happy you have the rig you wanted.

What are your preferances/ideas at this point, and why?

Welcome to the site, you'll find good info from the guys here.
I would go with the 338 Yogi out of the choices you listed but would prefer the 300 Ackley due to better bullet selection.Trigger would be Jewell or nothing.Action would be a 2 X 10 inch Bat Machine hands down.Barrel would be a 10 twist SS Krieger 32 inches long for targets and 34 long for varmints 1.450 in diameter.Nightforce benchrest model 12-42 scope not the NXS.G-G aluminum stock from Gary Alvey at marksman arms in Grand Junction,Colorado Gunsmith would be Dave Tooley for the Yogi and Leonard Baity if you went for the 300 Ackley.If 300 Ackley barrel would be 11 Twist 34 inches long for targets and 36 inches long for varmints same diameter for either caliber.Bullets for the Yogi would be 250 or 300 gr Sierras and for the Ackley Clinch River 216's or GTB 211's
I'd go with the 30/338 Lapua Improved because of greater bullet selection and I also had one, will build another. The 338 Yogi would have greater energy at long range and would be my second choice. JMHO
If I wanted to keep weight under 17-20 lbs

8.5" DP BAT (will easily handle the large cases and is light enough) $1350

32" Broughton SS 10 twist Barrel with 5c rifling 1.4 tapered to 1.0. One of winningest barrels right now and 5C rifling gives you an extra 75-100 fps $350

Jewell trigger $160 from Brunos

McMillian A5, Marksman with adj cheek or if laminate one of Bruce Baers $250-375

Brake $175

Caliber would be 338 Lapua Ack Imp with lapua brass, MRP2 powder or Retumbo With Broughton barrel should be 3000-3100 fps

Only bullet would be Sierra 300s sorted by base to ogive with Buhay Ogive Checker ($125)sold by RW Hart

Dies from Neil Jones with shoulder bump bushings fit to your chamber $300

20 MOA tapered base with Ivey 150 MOA rings $450-500

US Optics scope or NF 8-32 with NPR-2 reticle, which allows an extra 20 MOA holdover.$1000-2000 Check with Tom Sarver from Ohio 1K BR club. He is now US Optics dealer. [email protected] or contact throug his website

smith- Tooley (NC), Baity (NC), John Myer (Va)


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This scope by the way has the Horus H-25 reticle in it. Oh, and just under 16 pounds.


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i just had a rifle done by RW HART and i can't say enough good things about his outfit.it is in .338 RUM it shoots like a bench rest gun without any case work at all.no recoil at all with there brake.i have 3 grand in the gun it weighs around 12 pounds heavy but you can still carry it around.they did the work in about 30 days and did it right.i bought a sendero in 338 rum it did not shoot good enough so i sent it to HART.you could pay more but you could also get less for more money.i have a mcmillan 50 bmg and the hart gun shoots so good im almost afraid to shoot them side by side because the mcmillan cost 2x as much it also weighs 32 lb and 4 oz.
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