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  • Joelbiltz,

    I'm looking for the same anti action. Do you mind me asking where you found yours?
    Redhawk rifles. I ordered yesterday. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Very interested in the rifle. Wouldn't need the brass since I'm a newbie to hunting and don't reload...and with 3 kids under 8 in the house I lack the time! I'd be taking my SHV off my current rifle, does this come with rings? Dumb question, with your load data can I order ammo from GW or another company. Hunting is new to me and I'm just learning. This would be a "lifetime " rifle!
    Joel, just wondering if you still had the Load data for the 300 win 190 berger? I have shot their ammo and it does very well in my sendero. Just tired of buying 100.00 box ammo. ]. I won't post the data.. Just hoping.
    I am interested in the guns. I would like to talk to you but need a phone number.
    Mark Wheeler
    By chance are you interested in selling the rifle you posted for sale in January? Very interested if you are. Let me know, thanks Doug.
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