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Mar 4, 2005
I have decided to purchase a HS Precision PHR Rifle and was wanting some input. I want to know what would be the best all around Caliber for hunting all North American Big Game. I was thinking about a 26in BBl with a muzzle break installed. I plan on going sheep and goat so I dont want a real heavy rifle either, but also want something to cleanly kill a Grizz. I know shot placement is everthing and I am very confident in my shooting ability. I would like to stay with a 30 cal or smaller but am open to sugestions. I am looking to shoot no longer than 600 yards. I am just courious at what input I will get. Thanks Joel
Overlooking grizzly, a 30-06 would do it w/o the need for a break. A fast 26" barrel (Broughton, Rock) would be able to push 180 grain bullets at or a little above 3000 fps.
I love my 300 SAUM, but seeing how Rem is d/c it for the most part, I would choose the 300 WSM. It would do it all and save your shoulder in the process. It doesn't need a brake either.
300 WSM: It doesn't need a brake either.

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Unless it's a SAKO FINNLIGHT that you are shooting 180 partitions at almost 3000. It was jarring my teeth loose at the range. Got a brake installed, now kicks like a 30-06, but I have an accuracy issue now, not sure whether it's related.
It's hard to beat the 300 WSM under your specs. Accuracy should be excellent, plenty of bullet selection,etc. You really don't need a barrel longer than 24" since the WSM really performs with this barrel length and much handier under hunting conditions. Recoil is a personal consideration. I would build the rifle with a Limbsaver recoil pad and decide if you need a muzzle brake later. Even if you shorten barrel to 23" to put on the brake, you will still have plenty of steam and barrel length will be 24-25" depending on the brake. Have several friends with this setup and recoil is like a 308!
I've heard it said before, "do you like ford, chevy or dodge?" It's all in what you have the most confidence in because any of the mentioned will do what you want. I personally really like the 7mm rem mag but then again there are a lot of fans of all the 30 cals. A lot depends on how much you will be hunting each different animal. If you plan on shooting 25 small whitetail deer each year and a grizzley once in your life I would say that the large 30 cals are a bit of overkill. But if the opposite were ture you would be better off with the big boomber. Pick the one you like most because we can't pick it for you.
I'd go with a .300Rum and Load 200gr bullets for the big stuff and 150-165 for the smaller stuff.. Good Luck
7mmag man is right it is just like ford chevy and dodge. However a round that a guy i worked with this summer dad is a big guide guy in my area and they both swear on that 7mm stw (shooting times Western: i think) They use it for everything deer to beer.
Personaly. If its a one gun for all, then you have to be able to buy factory ammo everywhere. Considering that and your want for 600yd capibility I would choose the 300win. Federal, black hills, TTI, freaking everybody, makes match ammo for it, it doesnt recoil redicuosly like the big 300's. and for what you wanting the extra power wont help you all that much.

JMHO, a 300winmag, made right in a medium weight rifle, with a 26-28in medium barrel, and mid power scope with repeatable adjustments, is about the perfect all around gun.
7mmag man is right it is just like ford chevy and dodge. However a round that a guy i worked with this summer dad is a big guide guy in my area and they both swear on that 7mm stw (shooting times Western: i think) They use it for everything deer to beer</font> .

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I use a bottle opener, but to each his own!

First off...to each is his own...buy what you want--what you handle (cost, recoil, availability of ammo, feel).

Second, I don't know what your situation is or your marrital status. But I think I can speak for the entire forum when I say "We give you permission to own multiple firearms" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

But if you must stay with one and really feel that you will be hunting big bears chambered in a .30 go with the 300 ultra mag. I have one (with a break) and it is a real dream to shoot. When I launch 200gr Accubonds and can print them sub MOA out to 400 yards... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

I have found the 7mm STW is a more manageable/efficent round versus the 7mm RUM...on the same account I like the 300 RUM over the 30-378 Weatherby
I personally am a 7mm guy too, but by throwing in Grizz, the 30 cal jumps ahead as a one gun caliber. You need the HEAVY bullets for safety on a big bear. Take bear out of the equation, and a 7mm argument becomes a strong one.
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