i-touch ballistics app for ACI - Cosine not Angle


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Dec 25, 2006
I am looking for an app for the i-pod/i-touch that utilizes the results on an ACI (angle cosine indicator) not the actual angle.

I would like to input the numbers from my ACI directly into the app without having to convert my ACI reading to angles then input that into the app.

i just got my itouch.
i bought the Bullet Flight 3.1.0 version from the ITunes Store. They show all the screens or you can go to the manufacturers web site and check it out. I have only played with it for a little bit but I have found it simple to use. Unfortunately it only uses angles.

I also bought the Otter box defender series case for it - the case is sweet. It works for the Gen 2 or 3 Ipod/Itouch units
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Thanks Hunter, thats the route I took, unfortunately I have the ACI and as you mentioned BulletFlight does not support the ACI.
Thought I asked all the right questions before purchasing both but something slipped through the cracks.
Thats an expensive slip that I cant afford to correct right now if it cost much more than an app. - UGH!

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I'm slightly technologically challenged when it comes to softeware programs - but here goes - I have a buddy that is looking to purchase the bullet flight program - is it possible to transfer that application to him? If so I could put you in contact with him and maybe you could work something out. Let me know.
I use the Ballistic FTE program that also uses degrees and took the time to write them an email asking that they also provide the Cos in place of the degrees, but never even got a reply.
It would be very simple to just add the option into the program.

On the other hand, with the HUD in FTE, you can just rest your iTouch/iPhone on top of the scope cap and it will make the angle ajdustment for you. I have used it that way and have found it to work.

Another solution is to put an ADI in place of your ACI if you intend on using the itouch as your calculator.
Also Horus builds a device that has degrees, Cos and the bubble all in one unit.

I will have a look at the BulletFlight program that has been talked about here.
My cousin uses the fte with good effect. I plan on using it also. As far as a mount is concerned, I wish I had access to a machine shop and a mill. I would make a flat bar with a dove tail to mount to my picatinny rail and use a hard shell case and screw it to the bar.

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