Angle cosine indicator or shooter app?


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Jun 22, 2011
New Mexico
I am going to buy a flatline ops level here pretty soon and might get the one that has the ACI on it as well. But I was thinking and the Shooter App has a angle indicator built into the app. You just hold your phone to the top of your gun while aimed in on your target and hit the hold button and it inputs and calculates the holds with the angle included.

Has anyone tried and verified the accuracy of the angle indicator on shooter or do most of you just use an ACI like the flatline ops has?
i just use the angle indicator on my ipod, i have taken a perfectly flat surface, laid my ipod on it and turned it 360* while watching the number and it never changed from 0 so i think it is pretty darn close. Not scientific at all but...
I have used the mounted indicator, Shooter, Ballistic FTE, and the G7 Rangefinder for determining angle. They all match up and work very well, For hunting, when time, or movement become factors I have now switched to using the built in cosine capability in the RF.
A buddy and I used the one built in Ballistic FTE on my iphone the other day to shoot a few rocks and was spot on, I trust it.
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