i this help the common LRF measure better


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Dec 18, 2001
i do't have a lrf right now but the place im shooting from is the only place i can be and get a long shot.i think it's 1150 plus or minus a little.im not going to spend 3 grand on a real good one.what if i put up a 4x4 foot section of cardboard then cover it with a SPACE BLANKET .will it help the LRF to read it.i have a nightforce 8x32x56 with a npr2.it's for my .50bmg i was trying to get my .338 mag on paper.as best i could tell by the dirt the groups looked good.but that scope ran out of adjustment it was a leupold 4x12.i was maybe 25 feet low it's hard to tell im shooting up hill.i might cover the ground with old sheets to seee how it groups.i used the nightforce to range it.i need to put it on the .50 bmg and try it .i could not see the drirt fly. the ground was wet when i shot the .338.it takes 10 min on a atv and 10 min walking to get there one way so i know it's a long shot,thanks,keith


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Aug 19, 2001
Winnipeg, MB
find yourself an old road sign. the reflective pattern is perfect for a high return target. I have one that is about 16" square, dayglow orange.



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Dec 15, 2001
Get a Garmin GPS III plus (that's what I have), it will tell you the distance to withing 10 meters. I am pretty sure Garmin's other GPS's can do the same, I would go to REI or some other outdoor camping store and check them out.

I also have just bought a Leica 1200 LRF, it is awesome, I range a thick bush about 5 feet tall at 1150 yards I tried ranging people and the farthest I got was 500 yards, but I was easily ranging sage brush out to 750 yards. I am very happy with it as it covers my hunting range.

Between the GPS, LRF, and my mil-dot reticle I think I will be set in October.

By the way Mil-Dot reticles are suprisingly accurate out to 1000 yards. I just bought a mildot scope and tried milling for the first time two weeks ago. I posted a 42 inch tall target in the middle of no where and went back to my rifle mil'd it several times and came up with 940 yards, then ranged it with my GPS and found it to be 930 yards, dialed in 940 yards on my custom BDC and BOOYAH!

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