I.O.R. (Romanian Optics Industry) are they good enough for a long range rig

Know shooters who use them for F class out to 1000m. They say the optics are up there with Zeiss and Swaroski (sp). All adjustments are metal on metal. Reticle does allow for good elevation and windage adjustments. Depending on the model, they have a fair amount of internal adjustments.

Just keep an eye on the specs as they were designed for military and tactical work. some models will not fit our needs.

So far their reputation is solid. However, I have not used one myself.

Good luck...

i have a nightforce 8x32x56 with a npr-2 i can shoot from 100 to 1000 plus and never touch the turrets.is there anything as good only cheaper.im kidding right.well im still looking,thanks,keith
I got some information from the company and history. They use the same glass that a few other well respected European scope makers use such as Zeiss, Swaroski, and Leica.
Very high quality glass and they are well made also. IOR Valdada
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