I need a new rifle... wanna help?

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Hunting season is over (nearly) and I'm itching for a new rifle.

With the talk of the Long Range series goiong on I can't wait any longer... call me Mr. Patient.

I thinking I'd like a McMillan A5 stock but don't know the options I'd like... probably light but non-resonant. I figure to use an Eagle Stock pack on it so I don't need an adjustable cheekpiece too bad.

I don't have any magnum chambered rifles in 30 caliber (or 7mm for that matter) and I could find a use for one. 300 WSM or 7mm WSM but maybe 300 RUM or 7mm RUM

I really don't need a BDL style rifle but am not adverse to having one as long as the floorplate is "real" steel.

I like to shoot heavy for caliber bullets and don't necessarily go for max projectile speed, as most here know, but rather for max accuracy at significant speed.

I'd like to be able to use factory ammo in a pinch.

I'm getting older and I notice that carrying a 17 pound rifle all day makes my arms and shoulders a little tired so something done to lighten the thing up would be nice... maybe about 15 pounds (a featherweight!
) all setup. I also carry a pack and other "essential" stuff so I'm getting near the 250 pounds on-the-hoof-mark and it's hard to get up those hills and mountains... that extra 2#'s is killing me!!!

I really like a tough rifle... I'm a klutz and when I trip, stumble, fall, jump off tall buildings, ride my rifle like a toboggan, etc I want my rifle to maintain zero.

I like the clip slotted Badger base but believe they are only in the short action version(s)
#8 screws in the base also make me happy...

I need three swivel studs, one for the bipod and two for the sling... Wichita are nice for the sling as they don't unscrew themselves.

No muzzle brake... I'm already wearing hearing aids!

Compromise on barrel length... needs to be handy in the carry and when slung for ducking under vegetation. I'm thinking 28" max but maybe shorter (24") if I go with a WSM (depending on feedback from other folks).

Fluted barrel (lighter)... no stinkin' "pencil" barrel... I'd lose face.

I'd really like to be able to attatch some target sights to the thing just in case (like the Army M24 system)... easier to carry (pack along) sights than an extra scope. Must be able to be installed without removing the scope mount base.

Camo stock pattern, maybe Desert or something similar in a lighter color series.

Probably Remington action (no "J" key)... Remington trigger @ 2.5 to 3 pounds. I like the Remington shoe width, the Jewell is too narrow.

I could be talked into a switch barrel rifle.

I already have a nice 6.5 x 284.

I have a great 308 Win.

I have a 243 Win Gumby

I have a mega long barrel 338 Lapua on a CZ 550.

I have a 223 Rem with removable match sights (Redfield Internationals).

I'll probably put a Nikon Tactical 4x16 or Leupold LR 3.5x10 on it, using Badger rings.

What an I missing... suggestions anyone... (be nice, I'm sensative)
Dave, How about a 7mm-08 on a Rem action, 24" Stainless barrel, with a H-S sporter stock or McMillan A5 if thats what you like, in a sand or desert camo pattern, I really like mine, and if I could find a slightly used Rem. S/S in that same caliber, I'd buy another H-S stock and then I'd have 2 of them.
BTW, I shoot 150MKs on top of 39grs. of RE15, getting very good to great accuracy with this rig, Oh, If you want a 7mmshort Mag., get the Rem. S/S model in 7mmRSAuM, and get one of the stocks I mentioned, and then there's always getting the Sendero in that caliber, I'm waiting to see what Remington's coming out with for next year, hopefully they'll bring back the 708 in a 24" barrel with a H-S stock.

I know I've said this before..but seriously consider the 300WSM.

I have one on the way this week and I'll be glad to send you a pic.. It should hopefully be under 14 lbs... it is the one described in the LRH rifle thread.

The one I have currently shoots the 175's at 3000 fps.. it is only a 12T so I can't really go heavier. The rifle on the way is a 11T and I hope to shoot the 175's, 190's and 200's from it.. 190's and 200's would be heavy for this caliber.

I can't say enough about the accuracy of this caliber. I was so impressed with the first one ( aquired in a trade ) that I ordered a second one exactly the way I wanted.

It is set up "tough" tactical style and it is a SA but Chris has throated it for the bullets I chose, (I sent dummy rounds to him ) matter of fact he still has them..
175SMK, 190SMK, 200 gr Accubond.. they are all seated to fit in the Wyatt's box and still function in the action. SO if you go with this caliber and Chris as the smith you already have a head start.

I feel this caliber/rifle fits a niche very nicely..

out performs the .308 and its effective range 6-800 yards.. I will easily go to 1000 yards and even as far as 1200 without alot of extra effort. It just falls short of the 300WM.. but not by alot...I'll bet with the Rock barrel it may get real close to 300WM perfromance.. I'll be able to tell soon. You have the saved weight of the SA and your not using a ton of powder.. The brass selection has improved NORMA... I use win. though...
There is a variety of factory ammo out there too!

Give it serious consideration
I recommend you get the AR-30 338 Lapua. It is an awesome package, my buddy just got one and it is well worth the money. It is a lightweight gun, weighing only 12 lbs, but the break eliminates the recoil. We are going to try it out to 1k this weekend.

I will be comparing it to my PGW Timberwolf 338 Lapua. If it performs well I will be getting one as my hunting rifle.
Doc I realy like the 300 WSM I had Tom make me. It shoots great. But the 338 Lapua shoots great too. I just like the more bang for the buck and shoot the 338 Lapua more.


You just described my GA Precision rifle.

MCM A5 (Woodland Camo)
Rem 700 LA
Rock 1:10 Fluted M24 Contuor (300WM)
Badger Bottom Metal, Lug, Bolt Knob & Brake
With a NF NXS 3X15 50 NPR2, Rings & 20MOA Base

Weigh 14.5lbs, solid .5MOA Rifle.

With a Leupold scope you could probably reduce the weight to 13.5lbs.

I would go with a 300 WBY with a 11T 28" 1.250 HV fluted barrel to shoot up to 220g bullets. The 300 WM is hard to beat also

Crow Mag
You know,

I have a pelican case that holds my rifle with a night force scope and hunting bipod, a spare lp mk4 with rings, all cleaning neccesities (rod, bore guide, jb, sweets, oil, patches), a extra bench rest bi pod, bullets and rangefinder. The rifle is simalar to what you describe except it has an M40A1 stock on it in desert cammo. Its a 308, which you already have. 300 SA maybee?? Much easier to get good accuracy than the 7mm SA. With a 24" tube and a remington "varmint style" contour w/mark 4 and bipod is about 13 pounds, and the barrel is as stiff as a 2" peice of 5/8" re-bar
Good luck with the new rig!!
I'm leaning toward the 300 WM... I've had plenty and they are a know entity to me... I'm a little worried about not being able to buy match grade ammo for the 300 WSM...

I like that short stubby WSM cartridge though, reminds me of me!!

Rock 1x10, 26 inch, fluted in 300 WM...welllll maybe we can do away with the fluting and my chunky *** can go on a little diet to loose 2 pounds... about three stops at a donut shop that I'll skip.

What about a 338 WM and shoot the 250 Matchking??? No factory match ammo... but it's got a little more different factor (haven't had one in years). Should be able to get 2650 or 2700 fps wouldn't you all think. Come-ups like a 308 which I know like the back of my hand!!!
dave now you got me thinking. Was going to build a 338 RUM but have no place in Ga too shoot that far or hunt for that matter. Just ran the numbers with a 250 scenar at 2650 it looks good to 1200 yds. Should fit in a nice package.

Thanks for the idea.

I was just about to post... that I heard BH was gonna make 300WSM match.. I don't know what bullet weight though...

but one reason fo rthe 300 WSM. is that you hunt alone like I do most of the time..

I hunt alone mostly 'cause I smell bad, have bad breath and am an A-hole.. I find that hard to believe but thats what they tell me...

so I limit myself to 1K on shots.. hence the WSM fits perfectly into this scenerio.. especially with 190's and 200 gr bullets.

So.. now you have the SA ( save weight ) short fat case for powder capacity, and near WM velocities.. in a manageable rifle.. and not some 16 lb.er

I think Chris had one to many cups of coffee.. not sure where the 7mm WSM came from...must be a lucky number...

Unless he's baiting me to build another rifle.. **** I hate when he does that...

Anything I need to know... magic stuff? Bolt thrust issues with the WSM cases?? Is there a 338 WSM?

About Black Hills ammo... good stuff, I've shot their 308 and 300 MinMag stuff and the price was good... I called about the 6.5x284 and they seemed very fond of that ammo so I let them keep it. What kind of skinny you got on the 300 WSM ammo... they gonna sell it or just keep it around their shop and look at it??

Not to put any pressure on you but I believe if you say the 300 WSM will be fine I'll go with it... maybe fluted barrel for weight...can't tell about my tastes at this time.


" cause I smell bad, have bad breath and am an A-hole.. " yeah... but you're a good cook!!
Hey....I resemble that remark...

Yeah the wife found out and I'm on for super tonight!!
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