How wide is this Mule Deer?


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Oct 31, 2009
Thunder Basin, WY
How Wide is this guess is 30 to 32 inches (assuming 22" ear spread)...............Anyone care to comment?




This is my buck from the 2008 season...............Anyone care to guess how wide he was? Or what he scored? I am about 5'11'' and close to 300 lbs for reference.

First buck looks about 28'' to me. Your buck is held at a odd angle with ears back. But it looks like it might have 24-25 1/2" spread credit, it has good G2,s, light in mass, but IF you go gross horn and trash I think it is over 200, but as a net typical, with trash and crab claw front on one side, verses other strong front it might net 185" it flars at top and looks like it could go 32+ on outside spread. Have seen other picts now, other front fork was better than looked in first pict. Great buck
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I'm guessing my estimate on the one you shot wouldn't count....would it? LOL!

(I took the photo.........................:D)

Yea, no fair asking 7mmSendaro how big it was. He helped me track this buck, get it out, AND took the pics. Here's a few more at slightly different angles to help you out a little......LoL. Come on trophy hunters and outfitters, get in on this!




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The buck you hunted is very nice, very nice!!! Congrats.
The buck in the picture looks he is wide enough to be hunted:D:D:D
Hey! Did you take the picture then wait for it to grow before tagging it? LOL

LOL.........I WISH I could do stuff like that! The first buck's photo was taken just last month, the one I got was October 2008. Truth is, my lucky day and his unlucky day. I Didn't even know he was there until seconds before I shot him. I had never seen him before, and nobody else had mentioned seeing him either.

The taxidermist said that he was "ancient" he said that "he's hardly got any teeth left, and the ones he does have are so wore down that I doubt the University could even age him, my guess is 14-15 years old"...........WOW, would have loved to seen what he looked like in his prime, 5 or 6 years ago! But they don't get big by being seen. He was truly an outstanding buck for an Eastern Wyoming plains deer. The Game and Fish Biologist was suprised to see a harvested buck that large in this area too. I had seen bigger ones, but always Pre or Post Season. Our muley rifle season here is only the first two weeks of October.

I'll post more about the story here later................Keep the Guesses Coming!!
My buck pictured in the 37" thread was aged by bioligist at 5 1/2, they pulled a tooth and are going to age it that way also. Our deer dont get that old, tough winters, snows 10' where I shot deer, 3' at the bottoms.
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