When is the Montana mule deer rut?


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May 13, 2012
Dakota del norte
By that I mean to ask, when in November does the buck become significantly less nocturnal in his appearances.

Making himself more viewable during legal shooting hours?

Why do you ask?? We here in N.D. are amused by the love of critters those to the left of us have. I won't relay any quips however as I may just hunt in Montaaana someday and do not want anyone to be offended in aaany waaay.:D:D:D:D

For real, it's at least mid november before the critters loose their fear a bit and get the rut on. Here we usually don't even try that hard the first week-end-- starts on the 9th here this year.


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Jan 16, 2011
where we hunt up in the very north east of the state it seems to be about the 10th of nov. we try to get there each year about this time but weather also plays a big part in when we head over. if it snows at all then hunting in this area is very hard. dirt turns to gumbo if it warms back up and if it stays cold and windy then some of the roads get wind drifted in with snow and can not get into all the areas we like to hunt

these are all from this area and you can look at the dates on the pix to give you an idea of the time we are up there.


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