how to figure moa at extended range



my rifle shoots 3 shots into 2" at 300 yards.i was told this was .66 did he figure this?formula?thanks
Lets make this simple to understand and round off the differance. A MOA is not really one inch but, for explaining this, I will use the 1 inch method, which is real close.

1" is one minute of angle (MOA) at 100 yds.
2" is one MOA at 200 yds
3" is one MOA at 300 yds
4" is one MOA at 400 yds
5" is one MOA at 500 yds and so on.

For each 100 yds the MOA goes up accordingly.

If you shot a 2" group at 300 yds that would be two thirds of a MOA at that distance (300 yds) which is .666 MOA . 2/3= .666 after you divide.

To give added info ---At 1000 yards a 10" group is one MOA.

Each click with a 1/4 Min scope will change bullet impact(Elevation or windage) 1/4" at 100 yds.
At 200 yds each click will move impact 1/2".At 300 yards 3/4" At 400 yds 1"---At 1000 yards 10 X 1/4"= 2 1/2" of impact change.
At 2000 yds 20 X 1/4" = 5" of impact change for EACH click of your scope.

Get a ballistics program for your computer like the Oehler and run the different yardages you intend to shoot. It will give you a complete printout for anything you want to know.

Hope this helped you.


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The 100% correct way is 1.047inches of angle for each 100 yards The person that gave you that reply knew what he was about. A moa. is 1/60th of a degree. at 100 yards that works out to 1.047 inches twice that at 200 yards and so on. and a mil is 3.5 moa or 1 yard at 1000 yards. I prefer moa because its one less function to deal with.
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I think one key is that the turrets and the reticle are a match, it makes it easier. Doing the math isn't that hard, using a ballistics program is the fastest and most accurate way of figuring out the setting.

The factor that needs to be accurate is your muzzle velocity, all the program calculators require an accurate velocity number. If not its like that old saying, garbage in garbage out. All that expensive equipment won't mean much without a chronograph.
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