How do you practice

Oh that video was an eye opener in itself. I've noted changes of POA/POI on various things at distance. Possible wind shift or areas where a channel of wind goes unnoticed. Possible Coriolis effect or spin drift. Now I can add this to the list for mental notes. Cool beans! But if I can I'll do it at my range. I have a hard time sitting still or BSing at the range. Pretty focused usually on the range.
View attachment 109568 I get to the range and hang my steel at 600 yards. I get a rifle out of the truck, set up prone, dial, judge wind and shoot a cold bore at 600. I feel that’s the best way to build skill in wind and cold bore. It’s surprising how many hits I get with cold bore. Wind is my biggest worry when it comes to rifle shooting. One of my biggest accomplishments was getting over recoil anxiety, meaning not being afraid of the rifles recoil and just relaxing. There is fifteen 285 grain ELDs out of a Lapua in that hole. You can’t anticipate recoil and shoot a Lapua like that.

You were just barely able to hit the paper, keep practicing and you will get better.
Hahahaha yep!
I purposely dialed 1mil down and half mil left, I never shoot my aiming point when I want to lay down a group.
IMO when shooting a group you can alter the size of the "bullseye" by hitting, thus changing the size of the group. So I do the samething when making a group.
Check the explanation of the physics below. Especially the section on terrestrial refraction.

Just the basics:
Atmospheric refraction is the deviation of light or other electromagnetic wave from a straight line as it passes through the atmosphere due to the variation in air density as a function of height.[1] This refraction is due to the velocity of light through air, decreasing (the refractive index increases) with increased density. Atmospheric refraction near the ground produces mirages. Such refraction can also raise or lower, or stretch or shorten, the images of distant objects without involving mirages. Turbulent air can make distant objects appear to twinkle or shimmer. The term also applies to the refraction of sound. Atmospheric refraction is considered in measuring the position of both celestial and terrestrial objects.
Yes, need I again quote myself discussing mirage?

The center of an object that is stretched or compressed is still the center.
Yes, need I again quote myself discussing mirage?

The center of an object that is stretched or compressed is still the center.

I am sorry, but you are missing the physics of the matter altogether. You would have to read the Wiki link. Air acts just the same as water when light passes thru it. You know when you shoot a fish with a bow when bowfishing, how you have to aim where the fish really isn't? This has to do to with light refraction because water is denser than air. The same happens when the light from a target image passes thru denser air on the way to your eye. The target is not really where it appears to be. This effect on the targets apparent location can and frequently does happen with no mirage at all.
For those that are interested in the phenomena of the image moving due to the light being different. My data books have pointed out that the impact moves opposite of the position. Meaning sun low behind moves it up. low right = high left etc etc. How much does it move? The focal length of the scope the lense count, coatings, and quality are all factors. A longer focal length is easier to make which explains the old Enertl scopes. The video from Vortex gives you an idea how to figure it out. Set your rifle up and shoot 1 shot. Then leave it set up on the exact same aiming point. Then just record it for your data book. This explains alot of the benchrest records at 1k with the tight groups off the bullseye.
In the video by Vortex you can see the cross hairs above the bull when the sun is high in the sky. If you held it on the bull you would shoot low and then scratch your head.
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