How can you tell if pressure is to high

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Oct 9, 2001
Livonia, MI
I was playing with the chronograph this weekend. I ran my 308 rounds throught and they were on the money at 2600 fps (168 gr MK for Hi-power Silhouette shooting). Then for the heck of it I ran some of my 338 Lapua rouns over the Chrony. Dave I used your old load load for the 200 gr Nosler Ballistic tip (103.4 grs of N165). I came out with a average speed of 3550 fps. I though this was rather high. So now I am worried about pressure. The primers look fine, there is no cratering around the firing pin, the bolt is not heavy (maybe a little heavier than a factory load but easily worked with one hand).

My 338 Lapua is a TRG-S action with a Hart 28 inch barrel and a 2" brake.

That load with the powder LOT I was using was 3420fps. It's the same speed we were getting from the TRG-41 with the 27.5 inch 1x11 barrel. I'd suspect the LOT has a bit to do with the higher velocity.

It won't hurt to slow them down a bit, it's just a few extra "clicks" on the scope for a slower round and that's a small price for safety.


I was planning on slowing them down a bit. I do not need the extra velocity. My concern and I would like to get your opinion on. I loaded a box (20) of these and have 12 left. Should I shoot them or pull the bullit and reduce the powder charge.

By the way I read your post on your new 338 Lapua. Sound like a real nice gun. What did you do with the HS Presion 338 Lapua you had built when you sold me this one?


What made you decide on a CZ 550 action over the Sako TRGS for your new 338 lapua? What are you doing for the CZ trigger, I heard there aren't any match triggers for them?

Did you get a chance to shoot George Gardners 338 lapua, if so can you tell me about it, how did it shoot?

If you're asking my advice on the remaining rounds I can only offer one suggestion and that would be to pull the bullets. This is the nature of the beast and the only reply I can make.

The H-S Precision rifle was very slow as compared to the Hart/Sako rifle you have. I traded that thing away like it had demons...glad to be rid if it (the new owner had barrel work done and is pretty happy with it). Al's isn't any better and he's having it rebarreled after about 100 rounds and the third one, the one the fella in Riesterstown bought was traded off long ago too.

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I've shot George's 338 Lapua and it's a very nice shooter.

I want the CZ550 action because I can get a McMillan stock (either the Baker or the McHale) and the magazine well is large enough to fit a full length 416 Rigby round (3.9 inches as reported by George) so I can load my 338 Lapua rounds long(er).

I'll use the standard CZ trigger.

I talked to George and the barrels are indeed going to be 34 inch Mike Rock

Is George going to polish and adjust the trigger for you? What will the trigger weight be?

What kind of groups were you getting with Georges rig? How far did you shoot it?

Do you think the CZ action is stiffer than the Sako TRGS? The long magwell sounds very appealing.
How long are Georges barrels on his and what velocities is george getting, using the 300 grn sierra?
I'm not sure of the barrel lengths, I'd say 28 + brake, I believe he stated 2900fps at one point.

Sorry, I forgot where this question was posted.

George didn't specifically mention he'd work on the trigger but I trust his integrity and I believe if he feels it needs it he'll do it. I don't know what weight the trigger will be, I'm not a very trigger sensative person.

It was shot to 1000 yards and I believe Ian McMurchy was shooting head shots with it on Iron Maidens at 1000 (that's less than 1 MOA easily).

I've never examined the CZ 550 action out of a stock but I have had the Sako TRG-S. I don't know which is stiffer but I know I'm going to give the CZ a try. (George has 2 of them, one in a Baker stock and one in a McHale (McMillan).)

I believe I'll easily get 3100 out of the 34 inch barrel and the Sierra 300.
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