How about a 300 Win Mag “Modified”?

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I have a friend who doesn't like belted ammo. I have a 28 Nosler and like it but I also have a 300WM and like it. I could be wrong but I feel like the belt Helps strenthen the base of the round and anything that does that I'm all for. Cause once you expand at all that area of the cartidge things start going south and the case is prone to expanding down there even easier and with the next shot it will no longer hold a primer.
Lots of us can't easily go the custom route and I'm not seeing a Dakota listed in the savage or Remington etc inventory. Just like the average person can't easily go the BMW. Yea, he can go that route but he's often gotta give up something that he needs a lot more in life. I can almost load that Win Mag to capacity but I can't load my non-custom 28 could to full capacity. But then again it's lighter than most 7mm Rem magnums and weight is important to me with packing into the mountains so it still has it's place.
Well said, my friend...Amen! My thoughts exactly...related question though. I use a Wilson case gauge and then neck size unless the gauge tells me I need to reset the shoulder...then full length size the case...I also use a Lee Factory Crimp die on my reloads to help ensure consistent grip on the bullet. Your thoughts?

Full length dies for belted cases address the shoulder clearance first and body dimensions after the shoulder has started moving,so What I do is back off on the full size die and test one case as I tighten the die for case length from shoulder to case head. I will unscrew the expander ball if that is the type of die I am using and start sizing a fired case, testing it as I go in the chamber or with a case gauge to get the minimum sizing/ shoulder bump needed.

Once I get the case partially sized I will lock down the die and install the expander ball and start sizing all fired brass. I minimize the neck sizing during this process and once the case body is where I want it I do the necks.

For accuracy, I want to feel a small resistance when closing the bolt on a shouldered case. (No bolt slack) if it is a belted case and i am using it as such, I like it with around .0005 head space. if it is for dangerous game, I go ahead and full size belted cases.

If I buy some new belted cases, I check them for head space because the belt can be thicker on different brands and I want minimum head space for the first firing to prevent excessive case stretch.

Just the way I like to size belted cases

A lot of this seems to have turned into 300 PRC vs 30 Nosler as they both fit what the OP is looking for and are the most common compared to the Dakotas, STW, etc. I would add that, at least in my neck of the woods, 30 Nosler is only on the shelves from Nosler and it's expensive and while 300 PRC is only on the shelves from Hornady for now, it's still cheaper than a box of 30 Nosler.

If 300 PRC takes off like the 6.5 Creedmoor did and I suspect it will with it already being implemented in the military's new Barrett MRAD rifle, other manufactures will quickly pick it up and start producing ammunition as well bringing prices down while the 30 Nosler will probably continue to be only made largely by Nosler and remain expensive.

Of course this is all predicated on the assumption that the OP is not going to be reloading. If they are going to reload then it's really a wash and they should just build whatever they want. This is all just one man's opinions too so take it all with a grain of salt.
Another way to look at it is, you can spend a small fortune on a new rifle and cartridge and all of the components needed to load good ammo, "OR" take an old friend and with a little extra work and no money do a better job of finding a better more accurate ammo that allows the old friend to reach it's potential.

The only thing wrong with this is that sometimes we just want something new and that we think will out perform the old friend that has been so good to us and produced many good kills or targets.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in improving the performance of a rifle that has never let you down, and obviously does what you want for your shooting needs.

When you open your safe, and reach inside to get a rifle for what ever you will be doing, and get the same rifle every time, that tells you something. especially when you have the latest and greatest custom rifle chambered in the newest Designer cartridge setting right beside it.

Just saying, don't count the old out.

Yes, so if your are building a 300 PRC you need to be sure to order the longer bottom metal, CIP length. Some of these require some additional machining to the bottom of the action, ie. Wyatts requires some machining for fitting. Not sure if the Hawkins does. Anyways...

It reads like a 338 sized action is preferable. The OAL on that 225 is a bit longer than the Mk248 load
It reads like a 338 sized action is preferable. The OAL on that 225 is a bit longer than the Mk248 load
Preferably but not required. I’m building mine with blueprinted 700 action with the Hawkins bottom CIP length metal. It may require some minor mods to the bottom but it will be fine. Hill Country has another article out about using a 700 Long Action with mag bolt face that is a positive read. I’m just waiting on my stock to come in from Grayboe and I should be good to go.
I can feed a 3.700” OAL through a standard AICS pattern 300 Win Mag magazine with no problem and 3.680” through factory RUM bottom metal. The PRC/Nosler will work fine through most standard actions without modification.
I can feed a 3.700” OAL through a standard AICS pattern 300 Win Mag magazine with no problem and 3.680” through factory RUM bottom metal. The PRC/Nosler will work fine through most standard actions without modification.
Using the CIP will give 3.75 available COAL using the CIP AccurateMag. No cost difference and gives a little more room. That’s what I’m using and my Smith has built a few of these with absolutely no issues. Using the Hawkins bottom metal usually will not require a mod.
Varminator had the best answer, "Yes buy a 300 PRC"

The US military bought $5 M worth of Barrett MRAD sniper rifles chambered in 300 PRC.
There are reasons Uncle Sam went with that cartridge, Hornady's high production capacity was one but excellent cartridge design was another.

I have a Browning .300 Win mag and if it wasn't unnecessary I'd re-barrel in 300 RPC. I'd take it over the 300 Norma mag.

Eric B.
Although the OP didn't want it, a 300 rum with a wyatts box extender is the cats ***. It has the capacity to shoot heavies and brass/ ammo/ dies readily available. If I didn't have a super accurate 300 WM right now, that's where I'd look. Since I built a 338 edge, it makes even more sense :)
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