How about Winchester


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Oct 6, 2004
I have been reading a lot on this forum, and it seems like Winchester rifles aren't mentioned a lot.

I talked to a gunsmith today who said he thought the new model 70 was a good gun, When I asked him if it had the reoutation the Rem.700 does, he said depends on who you are talking to, kind of like Chevy or Ford,


Winchesters are harder to true up due to the desighn of the front of the action. Also they dont have the accuracy reputation like the 700 does. That does not meen that they arent accurate or that they cannot be made accurate. I think they make great dangerous game rifles like for big bears and such due to functions of feeding. 700's also have one of the fastest lock times on the factory market. They are all around more comfortable and user friendly for more shooters than any other.

This is all just my opinion as to why the 700 has such a reputation over others.

Winchester rifles aren't mentioned a lot probably due to the fact this forum concentrates on long range hunting and shooting. Not that a Winchester isn't an accurate rifle, but generally speaking, one tends towards a Rem 700, Sako or similar actioned rifle when considering a long range rig. Factors such as the rigidity of the action are the usual theoretical reasons that these actions/rifles are considered.

Personally, I have never had a problem with a Win Mod 70. They have all put three shots into an inch at 100m (from factory ammo) and they have all been reliable. Calibres have included a .243, .270 .308 and a .375 H&H.

Comments such as Rems being "the most accurate rifle out of the box" all lend a hand in influencing one's choice but practically speaking, I haven't found a difference between a Rem and a Win of similar calibre "out of the box" and given enough time and money, one can make anything shoot well. You wouldn't have 'smiths like David Miller and D'arcy Echols using Win actions if they weren't up to the task.
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