How about a 300 Win Mag “Modified”?

All the Bs about the belt and neck...300 win mag can shoot .10 moa groups at 100 if your gun and you are up to it.
Don't like and Don't work are separate issues.

So many good .30's out there pick one that works for you.

Belts can be turned off if it appeals to you that way. The neck I think you have to live with.
Seen a lot of people turn the belts off the Weatherby's. I headspace mine off the shoulder. Eliminated all the case separations.
All that is realy necessary is to change your loading process to enhance the things that you have an objection to.

First let's address the belt. If you have a problem with the belt, simply don't full length size. The 300 win mag can have up to .009 thousandths clearance between the belt face and the Datum line if you full length size. (The reason for the belt is to maintain head space with a much sized case for assured chambering in dirty chambers of for dangerous game) the first belted was the used in 1925 buy Holland and Holland.

After you fire the case in your chamber size only enough for it to chamber or neck size only, this eliminates the need for the belt and uses the datum line for head space turning it into a shouldered case.

Next is the short neck length. A long time ago it was thought that a minimum neck length "Had" to be one caliber long. There were many reasons that this was the rule of thumb when dies, chambers, bullets and cartridge cases were not very good. all that has changed now and this is no longer the rule.

It is not the length that is needed for accuracy (The 300 win mag is known for it's accuracy) it is the amount of grip the neck has on the bullet and the accuracy of loading concentric ammo. one can cock the bullet in any neck if the loading procedure is not good, so neck length has nothing to do with accuracy. In fact some shooters prefer even shorter necks.

I guess what I am trying to say is, be happy with your 300 WM and load this way to reach your goals and likes.

PS: I have 5 rifles that will shoot under 1/10th MOA (Less that 100 thousandths 5 shot groups) and 2 of them are belted. Belted cases are also the easiest to wild cat if you want to move the shoulder forward and require no special loading to fire form. No seating against the lands, no forming a Donut or filling the case with corn meal. just shoot parent cased ammo and you are done.

Be happy with the 300 WM, It is a very good cartridge in my opinion.

Well said, my friend...Amen! My thoughts exactly...related question though. I use a Wilson case gauge and then neck size unless the gauge tells me I need to reset the shoulder...then full length size the case...I also use a Lee Factory Crimp die on my reloads to help ensure consistent grip on the bullet. Your thoughts?
I love the 300WM and have been shooting it for years. Gotta admit two things I don’t like are the belt and the short neck. Any such thing or any way to eliminate the belt and lengthen the neck? I don’t want to move up to the R.U.M. Because the WM burns enough powder as it is and supplies all the power and distance I want.

I don't think that the belt is a problem - just unnecessary. The short neck, though, may be. I've read that longer necks slow down throat wear considerably. This may or may not be true. Somebody out there probably knows from experience, and they'll quite likely chime in about it.

It looks to me like the new Hornady .30-caliber round has got you covered, as someone else recently posted. No belt, longer neck, correct shoulder angle, etc. I would be looking at that one, Sir. Someone else also posted a question about the 30-06 AI, which I have some experience with. It does most of what the 300 Win. Magnum does, coming in only about 100 fps short of the magnum's velocity with 180-grain bullets. With some of the newer powders that have come out in the last several years, it may be even closer than that in performance. ( I was using H-4350 for all my work with that cartridge years ago, and getting 2950 fps out of a 24" barrel.)

There's also a .300 Sherman round, that's based on the 30-06 case that may warrant a look. It has the shoulder pushed slightly forward of where it's located on the 30-06 AI, and their website says 3000 fps for 200-grain bullets. One advantage I see with this one is that one could completely clean up a standard 30-06 chamber without having to set the barrel back. Its neck is significantly longer than the 30 Gibbs, so it is definitely NOT a re-run of that cartridge. In fact, the neck length looks about perfect, about one bullet diameter long. Lots of options ……...
So you are running a 225 grain ELD at 2800+ from a 24" 300WM? I would love to see a pressure trace read out on that.:eek:

The 300 PRC is doing it at 65K PSI.

Its a 25 inch barrel. RWS brass, 75gr H1000, Win large rifle primers. Recently stepped it down to 74.5 because it was ruff on the Norma brass, but still reloadable. Yes, it was toasty. Need to rechrono the new load, but I remember it didn't lose a lot of fps.

It do shoot flat and hits hard, it makes Elk and steel targets pop real nice. I LOVE 300WM.

RWS Brass is beefy!

The 30PRC is comparable to the 300 Wby which I shoot. I have had no problems with the belt on the 300 Weatherby and fortunately I have a long neck so I don't know that problem. I guess the 30 Nosler Is very close also. Why are you having a problems you describe?
Agree These Cartridges by Remington and Winchester weren’t just marketed as 7mm or 300 Magnums. They were marketed as “Belted Magnums, as if the belt was a steroid for your Bullet. Decades of tales of African Safaris had burned into the America’s psyche that the Belted Magnum was the pinnacle of power in any Cartridge. Roy Weatherby came along and the idea was cemented. I have a Model 70 PF in 7mm Rem Mag that shoots NBTs into tiny groups and actually shoots Partitions even tinier.
I think the point is that the belt was NOT needed for the 300 and 7mm WM necked cases, but was left on anyway because the belt said "we've got so much power in here the case needs reinforcement".

Anyway, that's why I thought that's why they were there before I learned better.
Sounds like you want either a Blaser Magnum or Dakota...
A couple of good cartridges for sure, my vote is for the 30 Nosler which will be my next build. All very similar in capacity and design (as well as the 300 PRC), but the 30 Nosler has ADG brass which has excellent reviews. The Blaser has Norma which I have had good experiences with, but I lean to the 30 Nosler and ADG.
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