Horn 178 Amax will it work in a 308 w/12 twist?


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Dec 13, 2001
The box says 1 in 10 twist. I was wondering if they will stabilize in my 12 twist? Has anybody done any work with these in the 308?
If I don't hear reasons not to I intend to try 43-44 grs Varget with them tomorrow. 308
There is only one way to find out. Good luck with your tests tomorrow.

I have had a lot of success with the Amax and SST bullets. My favorite in my 308 is the 155gr AMax. Flys flat and very accurate at long range.

I have also used the 168gr Amax and found the 155 to be better in my rifles. Have shot both the 150 and 165 SST and my favorite is the 165 SST.

Let us know how your tests turn out...

Thank you for your answers. I fired a 3 shot group this morning and got a tad less than .500, so in FL in a cool 45 degrees and prob 40% humidity it will stabilize, at least it did once.
I'm cooking up some long range target rounds to play with at 700 plus yards and don't want anything that is going to be just marginally stable.
I'll stick with Sierras 175 MK's for now, which by the way over 44 grs varget with a cci br primer is shooting very well. I'll chrono it later this afternoon. 308
You might try bumping those 175 SMKs up to 45.0gr w/ a Winchester case and CCI BR2 primers. I was getting about 2750fps from a factory Rem 700VS, w/ no pressure signs at all. Very accurate, also.

I tryed the 175 mks at 45 varget and the ccibr primers but the bolt lift was too stiff.
Today I shot several groups with the load backed down to 44 with no pressure signs and a velocity of 2720 fps. I'm using rp cases and that could be part of the difference also.
Hope to get to try my 308 and a fairly new sendero in 7 Rem mag tomorrow at fairly long range, at least for me 600 to 1000 or so.
I have a friend who has a friend with access to some property that they say I can stretch my rifles in, I hope to find out. I've never fired farther than 600 with the 308. Later: 308
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