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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
We got home from Ft Bragg about 10:30 Wednesday night. Had a big Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Friday we went and got the old truck title notarized and a hunting license for him. Saturday we left home about 4:00 and drove out to the Paw Paw bends and walked to our old favorite shooting point. The shots there will range from about 225 yards to about 450 yards so we had the F-class rifle which is a 40X in 308 with a Night Force scope. About 15 minutes after legal shooting time I picked up a six point buck feeding along the hillside in the Kowa spotting scope. Phil flopped down behind the 40X and we got the deer ranged out. The buck simply would not give us any kind of a shot. Either it would stop at a bad angle or behind a tree or behind limbs. Finally, it just bedded down next to a log and we had no shot. So we just keep watching does come and go. Then the does behavior changed and I told Phil I thought the buck was on the move so we started trying to find it. When we found it what we saw was that a new buck had come onto the hillside and that was what had upset the does and the first buck. The new buck was the same size as the first buck so Phil got set up on the closest one and I ranged it at 260 yards. The buck moved for a little while along the hillside and finally stopped in a manner that gave Phil a shot. There was a limb over the lower chest so he held high and put the 175 Sierra MK right into the spine.

This is a nice sized deer for the Green Ridge forest. You can see the entrance hole high on the side.

Congrats, glad to know you could spend some great hunting time with him, and that it was successful. Thanks for sharing.
Today was the last day of the rifle season in Zone A of Maryland. Hunting alone I went back to where my son shot his buck and looked for the other one we saw but did not take. About 10:00, a doe shows on the hillside at 250 yards. Dragging along behind her slowly was her fawn which kept looking back over its shoulder like there was a possum or toadfrog following it. Sure enough, there was something back there. I jumped over and turned on the video cam and got it lined up where the buck was and went to the rifle and the buck was no longer where it was supposed to be. Jumped up and got on the spotting scope and found it traveling up hill. Scooted over to the video cam and shifted it to the new location and went back to the rifle. No deer in the scope. Jumped up and went to the spotting scope and the buck had changed direction again and was heading back the way it came from. Went back over to the video cam and realigned it and went back to the rifle. Once again no buck in the scope. Jumped back to the spotting scope and finally found it again. Said to hell with the video and grabbed the Swaro and got a new range and gave the NF a couple more ticks of elevation. Naturally now the buck decides to stand behind a tree for ever and ever. It is going to bed down for sure so when it finally comes clear I have about a six inch square opening to get a bullet through and I let it fly. Range was 375 yards. Rifle was Ruger #1 in 257 Wby 28 inch 1-8 twist barrel with 130 gr HP RBBT bullets

No video --just the regular picture

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