Hey JeffinTexas Did you every get teh IOR-Valdada fixed


Chris Gilchrist the east coast rep sent me an email on 9/4/03 stating he was going to send a letter to the folks at I.O.R Valdada to see if he could get the scope repaired or replaced because of the oversized tube that my scope rings pinched. He felt they should at least relook at the issue since the scope tube was manufactured larger than 30mm.

I never heard anything back from Chris after that. I sent him an email towards the end of September to see if he'd heard anything. He emailed me back on 9/27/03 and stated he had not contacted IOR because they were in the process of moving and he had been out hunting deer every chance he could.

I still have not heard back from him since that last email.

I'm not sure what to think at this point. I feel this is just par for the course and just goes to show the lack of support that not only comes out of the factory, but also from the reps out in the field.

If I here something from Chris or IOR, I'll keep everyone posted. Right now I'm back to thinking my leg was being pulled and I would not recommend the product to anyone. If you spend $800.00 on a scope, it should come with some type of warranty and support especially when it's has a manufactures defect.

My advice, by a LEUPOLD! Optics aren't quite as good, but ****-it they stand behind their product.

Sorry to vent, I had almost forgotten about it.
Thanks Jeff,I will be buy a Nightforce insted of the IOR,I feel that you where wronged and that they should be Stand up guys about.I will take your Advice and Spend my hard earned money else where.I will Tell everyone that asks about them not to buy one and get something with a Better Customer Service.

And a gain thanks for the heads up on a Company that only care for the money and not there Service.


Jeff, did you ever contact IOR-Valdada directly??

I had a problem with my scope, and IOR fixed it immediatly.(sp)

I had the sunshade on my tacticle, backed it off, the threads locked and I ended up unscrewing the objective bell. Well, needless to say, the scope would not focus, and I hadnt even mounted it yet.

I contacted Valdada, offered to pay for the fix. He refused my money, and sent me a brand new scope 5 days later.

I would agree that Valdada is more than a little hard to get ahold of. But, he is an outstanding person, and will make your scope right for you. As a matter of fact, I feel he is fair to a fault...sakofan..
If I can help you in any way, please email or post a reply on this board.
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Your rep let you down, not IOR.

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Yes, I contacted I.O.R. Valdada. I discovered that I pinched the scope tube when I took the scope off when my rifle was being rebarreled. I had the scope mounted in a set of badger ordnance rings that had been lapped. I couldn't believe that I had pinched the tube. The scope was tightened down to 20 inch pounds using my torque screwdriver that I purchased from Premier Reticle. 20" pounds was the setting that the torque screwdriver recommended.

I posted my findings on another board, as I didn't know what could have caused the problem. The same rings had been used on two previous Leupold scopes and never even left ring marks on those scopes. One old boy told me to measure the outside diameter of the scope tube because there are times when they are manufactured over or under sized.

The tube measured 31.07mm, which according to most folks I talked was too large and yes the rings would pinch the tube.

I called IOR and they said send to send them the scope. About 3-weeks latter I got the scope back from them and they confirmed that the tube was a bit oversized, but since no damage had been done to the internal workings of the scope and it was only a cosmetic on the outside they would not replace the scope. I called them after I received it and told them that was unsatisfactory and I wanted it fixed. They said in order to fix it, it would have to be shipped back to Romania and they would not do it. After a few phone calls, I was basically told to go pound sand and kiss their ***. It didn't matter that it had a manufactures defect, which they confirmed, the scope still functioned and that was all that was important.

I put my findings on this board back in Aug. Chris Gilchrist the east coast rep saw they post and attempted to do some damage control and said he would try to make things right and see if he couldn't get them to either fix it or replace it. He offered no promises, other than his word that he would look into the problem immediately by sending a letter to the HQ's of the company here in the US.

Other than the email saying he was chasing bambi every chance he could and that company had been in the process of moving, I've never heard from him or the company. I figure in almost 45 days you should be able to send out a letter and get some type of response, or am I just being unrealistic.

Bottom line. There warranty and support suck in my opinion. And if you can't get something fixed because it has to go back to Romania and they won't stand behind the product…well that was an $795.00 mistake on my part that I'll never make again and I wouldn't recommend anyone else making the same mistake. I tried something new and got burn.

My recommendation is buy a Leupold, or some other scope from a reputable scope manufacture. Hell, for that matter go buy two Tasco's for the same price as the leupold. One of them has got to be good and both companies stand behind their products.

Sorry, that's the long and short of the problem.
Jeff,I am sorry that I openned that can of Worms again,ButI was thinking of getting one but I take your advice and get a Good Scope like a Burris,Leupold,or a Nightforce as I know they will stand behind it.I can't beleive that they won't even talk about it,as Chasing Bambi is the only thing on his mind.

Again Jeff Thanks for the Heads up on a Piece of crap Company.

Jeff, Iam sorry you had such a time with IOR. And I appreciate the way you feel. I would be livid!!

In talking with others, and dealing directly with Valantin, I am floored you got jerked around. I didnt know that you had dealt "directly" with Valdada.

WOW!! Again sorry about your scope..sakofan..

All of the problems and issues have been with Valentine and Valentine alone. He is the person in charge of the US operation.

He admitted the scope tube was a bit large, but refused to replace or have the scope fixed. I can't begin to explain or tell you the frustrations I had dealing with him.

Like I said, Valentine blew me off just as Chris Gilchrist the east coast rep did. Valentine said it was only cosmetic with no internal damage and that he would not even send it off to be repaired and would not replace it.


So as far as I'm concerned, I would not recommend anyone purchasing any products from them. Manufactures defect and they still won't warranty the product. Great glass, fantastic MP8 reticle and ****** customer service. Bottom line BY AMERICAN! At least it can be warrantee and fixed.
I was thinking to buy an IOR but after reading your horror stories---DEATH TO IOR and ****** EASTERN European scopes. I am sticking with Leupold all the way. Just bought a Mark 4 M1 16X and am extremely happy.
Sorry you had such a bad time with Valentin. I can't believe he did that. I had scopes replaced by him that shouldn't have been. For instance, I drop my gun on a rock and knocked the illuminator knob loose. He replaced it with no questions asked. Even after I had offered to pay for the repairs.

Shortly after that expirence with IOR I desided to become a distributor for them. I loved their scopes and thought it would be a great deal to get into.

It sounds to me that you caught Valentin on a bad day. IOR is still fairly small in terms of the US optics market and replacements under warranty does get in his pockets pretty hard. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Valentin did the right thing. As a matter of fact he did the wrong thing. If he had it to do over, I'd bet he'd do it differently.

The kind of repair that your scope needed was not able to be done by IOR here in the US. A couple months ago when I was talking to Val he told me that his nephew was at the factory in Romania being trained to repair optics. IOR was going to send him some high tech equipment so that repairs of this nature could be taken care of. I don't know if he has it all up and running yet.

I'm not trying to sugar coat this, what happened to you is wrong. I can't make any promises but, I'll talk to Valentin to see what can be done. If IOR is going to make it in the market place this is an issue that need resolved.

I have more money invested in IOR products than most of you combined. This concerns me greatly. I take a lot of pride in the products that I sell. A product is nothing unless the manufacturer stands behind it.

If you had bought the scope from me, I would have replaced it out of my own pocket. Just ask sakofan...

I'd recommend you post this problem at The Sniper's Hide - ( and Sniper's Paradise - (http://www.snipersparadise.com/index_hq.htm)

IOR is trying to make inroads into the US tactical market, and if the true operators decide IOR isn't worth bothering with I believe IOR will be in a serious bind. Their scopes are BIG, rugged, and heavy (I own two), but not what your average deer hunter wants to mount on his '06. Without the LE/Military market IOR will have a hard time building a business in the US.

I know IOR monitors these boards, as you have noted previously. Other optic manufacturers and retailers also read these boards regularly. Make enough noise and I bet they'll jump to correct your problem.

Good luck.

Thanks for the advice! Before I post there and on the other sniper boards including Sniper Country (you forgot that one), the GGVG board as well as a few others, there are a few things happening behind the scenes with the support issues. I'm going to give those a chance to play out before posting on the other boards and giving up on them all together. Currnetly it is not looking good, but I'll let it run its course.

Thanks for the advice!

I'll keep everyone posted and everyone have a great weekend!

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Some time ago i bought a 4.5-14X50 tac scope that supposedly has 1/2moa adjastments..
when i took it to the range and try to do the
tracking test i almost had a heart attack the adjustments were nowhere near where they should be..luckily i figured out that the scope was tracking in 1/10 mils (ie metric erector i click= .356")
When i conducted IOR they acted like it should not be a big deal for me"just make a chart with your come ups using the # on the dial"..and if i was to send it back i would get another one exactly the same
`cos all of them are made the same..(to this day i don't know if he understood what i was telling him about the scope).Also i have read another post about the 1/4moa scopes tracking in less than
.250" per click
The dealer offered to exchange the scope for another brand but i was intrigued by having a metric scope and i kept it..so far it works good with 200 rds of 338RUM and 600rds of 308 under its belt....
After reading all this im really thinking twice about getting a IOR for my next project. I seen a advertisement saying they are using 35mm tubes now??? My buddie has two nightforce's and not a problem. I didn't want to spend the extra $ so the IOR's looked apealing. I have a Tasco 8-40x on my bmg, not the best scope i have had(cheap$) Mostly used Leupolds on my benchrest guns years past.
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